Lonelamp: Light your home and those who need it most

From Faberin we know that in decoration every detail counts. Everything is valued and only the most demanding obtain the best results. Within the trends […]

Silvia Ceñal : Simple, functional and colourful design

Silvia Ceñal, a product designer and technical engineer from the University of the Basque Country, founded her own design studio in 2015 where her original […]


From haute cuisine chefs to restaurants that value exclusive design to airbnb hosters...

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  • Dianomo

    The design hammock ‘Dianomo’ has been designed by Phebos Xenakis, Robbe Van der Verren, Lander Vanlierde and Mathias Bruyneel, its structure is composed mainly of […]

  • Lasernox 4 Mug Hanger

    The Lasernox 4 Mug Hanger makes it possible to place the accessible cups without getting in the way. In addition, its unique hook design facilitates […]

  • A dovetail

    ‘A Dovetail’ is a series of design pieces created by designer Kaichuan Wang. with the same structure.  It is characterized by a balance of material […]

  • LUX

    Lux is a lamp that evokes the classic concept of the light bulb by mixing two materials, metal and veneer as the main element, seeking […]