5 Simple Decoration Ideas for This Halloween 2019 / DIY Do it yourself

by Laura S.

Here are 5 simple decorating ideas for Halloween 2019 that you can make yourself. And that will give that touch to the halloween party, without having to recharge the spaces.

At Faberin we encourage creativity and believe in the value of doing things with your hands. For this reason, this Halloween we propose you a challenge: do it yourself.

1. Unleash your creativity with papyroflexia

Do you know what papyroflexia is? It has become an increasingly fashionable trend. It’s not just about turning paper into a unique figure capable of standing out from other household items.

Today, papyrus is an original and fun way to surprise your guests this Halloween. Not only can take shape with the most Dantesque silhouettes, but brings vitality and balance to any space, whatever your style.

Among the most prominent figures in Halloween are the pumpkins and skulls, which accompanied by the right light, will be the focus of all eyes.

Ideas de papiroflexia en Halloween, de Lia Griffith

Ideas de papiroflexia en Halloween, de Lia Griffith

2. Illuminates the most terrifying nights

If there’s one thing that can’t be missing on Halloween, and your fans know it very well, it’s the lights. Not only do they convey that sinister point, but they are able to transform the atmosphere and bring all the style and glamour without losing sight of the style approach to follow.

Plus, you’ll know that your party is a success when you see the photo-populated social networks at home the next day, and everyone knows that the best photos are always looking for the most sinister lighting.

Dare to surprise.

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3. Hallowinify your starters

On Halloween the menu must also be scary. The appetizers say a lot about the diner but they are also the first contact between the guests and the main idea that you want to convey on this evil night.

Highlights the variety of colors in the dishes, but above all the red and black continue to triumph by goleada.

One idea you can include in your dishes is to introduce in them skeletons and pieces of plants, which undoubtedly bring a wild and tenebrous air to the table.

Aperitivo Halloween, foto de Lady Decluttered

Aperitivo Halloween, foto de Lady Decluttered

4. A classic that never fails: practice pumpkin craving and create unique faces

Have you ever decorated a pumpkin? This year you will succeed! Not only is it a traditional accessory since the beginning of Halloween, but with all the advances we’ve witnessed, you can bring a whole new perspective if you dare to include colored spotlights or even red liquid to simulate blood.

Some people dare to put vibrating objects inside to simulate the dynamism of the pumpkin – unleash your ingenuity and let your imagination run wild!


5. Deco entries that instead of scaring invite to pass.

And last but not least, the beginning of everything, the entrance of your house. It can not be an ordinary place, your guests will be the first thing they see, their first impression remains in your hands.

This year from Faberin we recommend to include pumpkins of different sizes, incorporating in them the lighting ideas that we have exposed and in the case of the most daring, a note on the door that leaves the guest speechless.

Every year the deco ideas for Halloween are more demanding, but without a doubt, with these tricks you will succeed and be the king of decoration for Halloween 2019.

Entradas deco, foto de InteriorismLover

Entradas deco, foto de InteriorismLover

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Words by Laura S.

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