6 Tips to buy on this Black Friday

by Laura S.

If there’s one thing we design freaks are passionate about, it’s responsible shopping. This is one of the most consumerist days of the year, but also one of the great opportunities to get everything you need while saving and doing a lot of Christmas work.

Black Friday, known as “Black Friday”, opens a season of Christmas shopping with significant discounts in many retail stores but also in department stores. The dark term refers to the black surplus to which businesses that were previously in red numbers become.

If you are thinking of taking advantage of Black Friday to buy but you want to do it intelligently and without losing your way… In Faberin we help you!


1. Make a list of things you need and prioritize.

It is clear that you may need many items or products, but surely only a few are really essential. From Faberin, we recommend you to make a list around ten purchase proposals, and from there, to cross out until you reach the figure that you consider totally essential to buy in this Black Friday.

Loading / Juanny Barcelò Borges

Loading / Juanny Barcelò Borges

2. Christmas is just around the corner so take the opportunity to buy your first Christmas gifts.

Are you one of those who leaves everything for the last minute? Make sure you don’t get caught by the bull this year and make your own time!

Take advantage of Black Friday to advance your Christmas shopping, take off expenses and reduce your consumption to the essentials.

Amplifier Wave Live / Miguel Mojica

Amplifier Wave Live / Miguel Mojica

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3. Buying in truthful and safe places.

The Black Friday is also used for false lures, do not be guided by the crossed out prices of the products. Even if extremely high figures appear, make sure you buy the lowest product and compare it with other websites and shops. Remember that using secure payment methods is also one of the most important things when paying online.

Lonelamp S / Javier Mañas

Lonelamp S / Javier Mañas

4. Compare pages and don’t wait until the last day to make your purchases.

If you have a clear idea of what you need, take advantage of the days prior to Black Friday to compare different websites and pages. This will help you to know better the product you want to buy, and what is more important, it will make you clear its price to choose one page or another for Black Friday.

Bookshelf / Lenka Kozic

Bookshelf / Lenka Kozic

5. Acquire products responsibly and don’t be guided by impulsivity.

One of the factors that causes more sales Black Friday is impulsivity. When it comes to choosing a product, we let ourselves be carried away more by what we might need than by what we are going to use. These are those items that can spend months collecting dust in the closet, which you won’t use but will resent your current account. Cut the crap!

This year be responsible and don’t be fooled. There will be hundreds of products that will sell you as basic, but only you know what you need.

6. Faberin will have -20% in selected products.

Take advantage and start taking a look at the products that will be available at Faberin!

We will have hundreds of discounted designer products that will give your home a totally unique and personal touch so that you don’t go unnoticed this Christmas. Craftsmanship and sustainability are the bases by which our responsible design is governed, maintaining all the guarantees of our products we will make you save without having to give up good taste.

Our products adapt to any style! Are you going to miss it?

Happy Black Friday!

Words by Laura S.

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