lamp makers

  • LUX

    Lux is a lamp that evokes the classic concept of the light bulb by mixing two materials, metal and veneer as the main element, seeking […]

  • Desk lamp

    Desk Lamp designed by Mexican designer Jordi Veytia.Desk Lamp is made of pine wood and has a movable arm that allows it to offer different […]

  • Lucerna

    Lucerna is a colour-changing night-lamp that can also be used as a flashlight, a unique piece of design accompanied by a double functionality that will make […]

  • Spider lamp

    Spider lamp is an original design lamp, designed by designer Jordi Veytia, inspired by the anatomy of chandeliers and composed mainly of solid wood, the […]

  • Littlemissunshine

    Littlemissunshine is a design table lamp designed by Marco Fiorentino. The Littlemissunshine project derives from the desire to have a lamp that adapts to multiple […]

  • Chignon

    ‘Chignon’ is a lamp pendant printed in 3D, inspired by chignon hair pickup. This hairstyle consists of knotting the hair gently at the nape of the neck […]

  • Candel Kids

    ‘Candel Kids’ is an animate lamp that accompanies each child just before going to bed, giving life to a character with your mobile. This lamp […]

  • Aalvor

    ‘Aalvor’ designed and manufactured by Francisco José Gómez is a table lamp for ambient lighting in the home. The design was inspired by the organic […]

  • Big Candel

    ‘Big Candel‘ is the biggest of a set of 4 lamps called ‘Candel Home’, designed by colombian designer Miguel Mojica, and the idea is born […]

  • Just

    Just is a design lamp that tilts 5º from its vertical axis. A lamp with a thin but strong soul, like a stem that comes out […]

  • Candel home

    ‘Candel’, by colombian designer Miguel Mojica, is a set of 4 lamps that is born from the basic principle of lighting, the fire, and that […]

  • Dodeca Lamp

    The ‘Dodeca Lamp’, designed by the mexican designer Alfonso Martínez Gómez, is a dodecahedron split in half by two materials, concrete and polypropylene. Why a […]

  • Holz

    Holz is an ideal ambient light design lamp for times when we need a calm and quiet light to accompany us. A simple design by […]

  • Orbit-A

    ‘Orbit-A’ is a interior design lamp designed by the designer Marta Ceñal Rodríguez de la Rúa. Composed of two parts, a strong base body made […]

  • Sun Bear

    The ‘Sun Bear’ design lamp from the Danish design studio ‘Urbanbear’ was designed by the designers Esben Lyhne and Asbjørn Mejlvang as a reading lamp […]

  • Infinity

    The’Infinity’ design lamp was designed by designer Oscar Romo Vicente. The efforts in R&D and product design used for its creation have resulted in a […]

  • Lamp L01

    The design lamp L01 is a slim, elegant and versatile industrial style lamp. From a single piece we obtain different lamps for different environments. The […]

  • Rolo

    The design lamp “Rolo” from the Valencian design studio Smallgran, is undoubtedly an original and practical lamp, which leaves no one indifferent. Its striking design […]