Decorate your home this Halloween with these fun accessories

by Laura S.

From Faberin we have made a selection of the funniest accessories to decorate your home on Halloween, the famous witch’s night. Will your body withstand so much adrenaline?

Halloween arrives, and with it, one of the most awaited nights. The terrifying costumes flood the streets, the atmosphere is loaded with mystery and the exquisite taste for design brings out its best.

Mano tumbada / El Taller de Piñero

Mano tumbada / El Taller de Piñero

Halloween: The Mystery and Legend of Pumpkins in Faberin

Halloween is a night of fantasy and mystery where everything related to the world of the dead is remembered and represented, as well as the phenomenon of death itself, which attracts everyone so much. The origin of the populous Halloween party is to be found in a Celtic ritual called Samain millennium in which prayers were made for the souls of the dead. During it, bonfires were lit to scare away the spirits and even human sacrifices were made.

The evolution of the concept of Halloween has been constantly changing. The night of the dead has become a festivity with costumes and candies thanks to legends that have been intermingled with the passage of time.

The most feared drink of Halloween: Don’t Cry

The Night of the Witches is one of the most special nights where the most varied festivals of the year take place, all with a common goal: to be very scary.

“Don’t cry over spilled milk” is an original cup that leaves no one indifferent. Its sinuous and eccentric shape distinguishes it from any other cup already created. Its sinister design is ideal for the most demanding on this night where terrror decoration is taken into account so much.

Don't Cry / Lenka Kozic

Don't Cry / Lenka Kozic

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Lying Hand: the most feared caress on Halloween

Lying down hand is a support made with the primary objective of scaring. Okay, it also stands out for the comfort and functionality it provides for almost any object and accessory, but without losing its sinister point.

It is made of white resin, with a lacquered finish for food use.

Mano tumbada / El Taller de Piñero

Mano tumbada / El Taller de Piñero

Fresoppon: the glass that will change everything

Fresoppon Cup for cocktails and in this case for potions and other secrets that you can hide inside, the party is served. It is inspired by a strawberry, made of resin, paint and finished in food-grade varnish. It stands out for its original design very comparable with reality. It will be a success for this night of witches.

Without a doubt, the pumpkins were a thing of the past… Will strawberries be the winners of this year’s battle for Halloween irony?

Mano tumbada / El Taller de Piñero

Mano tumbada / El Taller de Piñero

Words by Laura S.

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