Demoiselle S 3D: the classic that never goes out of style

by Laura S.

From Faberin we know that it is not easy to choose the designs that are going to be part of our daily life. There are many demands to take into account: size, geometry, colour…

When we talk about lamps, things get complicated. The light is one of the indispensable ones in our home and in addition it is one of the factors that more says of our good taste.

Thus, we have found one of the trends that is stepping strongly this summer: 3D lighting.


The keys to choose the lamp that best suits your style

No matter what style you have chosen to make your home the home of your dreams. The 3D design will match perfectly with any of the proposals you have chosen.

The 3D lamp is one of the best valued options in the world of design. Not only because of the benefits of its manufacture, as it reduces costs, minimises environmental impact and improves design accuracy, it also provides a professional finish that matches all the factors defined above.

3D design is the set of techniques that allow us to project a design in three dimensions. First, the object to be designed is idealised, then, through various computer programmes, they are modelled and built with almost exact precision. 3D design manages to improve industrial manufactures, reduce costs and improve the handling of descriptive geometry that is often so demanded by models and draft designs.

When creating a 3D lamp, the precision of the machinery is improved. Virtually the entire task can be performed from a computer, and product measurements can be more precisely defined so that it can be created accurately.

Demoiselle S 3D is one of the most sought-after 3D lamps, it is a product that fits millimetrically to the most demanding ideas and meets all expectations.

Times change, style remains

Demoiselle is a collection of pendants inspired by women’s dresses from the French Rococo period. It symbolizes the flowering of flowers in spring, and paradoxically, these clothes were decorated with small flowers that were related to the education and behaviors of the time. Demoiselle S 3D symbolizes the most controlled, measured and elegant gestures of the time.

In the 21st century, using this type of design and integrating it into the most modern and avant-garde styles represents a revolution in the world of design.

Times have changed and combining traditional symbolism with the most current and modern elements of our society brings with it a totally spectacular and original result.

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Demoiselle: the best way to play with your past

From Faberin we are convinced that this is the design that breaks with all the established canons. Its creation through Demoiselle’s 3D design shows that combining classic and traditional with new technologies can result in an explosion of originality only suitable for the most exquisite tastes.

Do you dare to play with your past?

Words by Laura S.

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