Dream worlds, futuristic designs and candy as a color palette. Meet the new designs of industrial designer Laura Vergara

by Laura S.

Dream worlds, futuristic designs and candy as a color palette. Meet the new designs of industrial designer Laura Vergara.

In Faberin we believe that innovation and design are factors that move the world. Therefore, today we want to dedicate this space to the designs of Laura Vergara, an Industrial designer with a Master in Product Design. Her work focuses on creating unique and modern pieces of furniture that find the balance between authenticity and functionality.
This Colombian designer graduated in industrial design from the Universidad El Bosque, and with her work has proven to be one of the most original designers both when it comes to introducing environmentally friendly materials, as in the style full of personality that we can find in their designs.

An innovative, fun and different collection: The Vergara style

Laura Vergara’s work is a collection loaded with emotional value. The originality and exclusivity of her designs creates a unique expectation when waiting for the production of her products.
The visual aspect of her designs is warm, focuses on candy colors to attract the attention of the lover of design and it becomes non-negotiable to perceive the exquisite taste that she fine-tunes in every detail.
He carefully outlines each design to bring them functionalities and values that were not established until now.
His inspiration comes from curiosity and brings with it the best of welcomes.

Marshmallow chair

This chair is inspired by George Nelson’s Marshmallow bench, a design created in 1956 where the circular pads become a single pink cylinder, acquiring this piece a unique protagonism that represents the softness and sponginess of Marshmallow. This design consists of translucent, textile and natural materials.

This chair invites you to rest in a homely and original atmosphere adding a modern touch to the best interior environments.


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Centipede chair

The Centipede chair is one of the designer chairs of the moment.

This original chair has its charm in the repetition of the thin copper legs in order to give it stability and a curious touch. It uses three rollers with seat back. In addition to being extremely comfortable, it simulates the repetition of centipede legs, giving a unique effect with repeated textures that make any place the perfect environment to stand out as an interior space.


Centipede Chair / Laura Vergara

Centipede Chair / Laura Vergara

Sphere Chair

One chair and two seats make up the Sphere chair.

This chair is inspired by the Aero Aarnio Ball Chair that was created in 1965. It was created with the intention of creating a place to rest, but this unique Vergara design seeks to be a comfortable tool for working with an open, padded backrest. This design can be used to store cushions, small coats, toys, books, an extra cavity that will help to optimize the order in the interior spaces.

It helps to organize the spaces and even allows you to share the chair with your feline pet. Can you ask for more?

Thanks to the matt texture with other vivid and degraded colors generates an optical illusion that simulates a sunset so that your tranquility is not interrupted by anything.


Sphere Chair / Laura Vergara

Sphere Chair / Laura Vergara

Bubble Gum Chair

The Bubble Gum Chair is an inspiring stool designed from aluminium, wood, beech and other textiles.

It has a special touch for its contrast of materials, first the vibrant pink and glossy thanks to the latex finish, against the washed and natural finish of the wood. This stool was inspired by the classic gum pump.

This stool manages to decontextualize something everyday and adapt it as a seat for the stool. The curious and funny touch is guaranteed, it is an innovative and modern idea for bars, museums or restaurateurs.


Bubble Gum Chair / Laura Vergara

Bubble Gum Chair / Laura Vergara

Throne Chair

This creation of the designer Vergara has been created for interior environments.

The Throne Chair has an undeniable appeal that highlights the contrast of the backrest with the translucent glossy seat. This thread that is the Throne Chair serves as a connection between modern decoration and the more Candy style. A minimalist version of a classic reference that changes the cushioning and spiral wood carving for translucent polymers and bright colors and basic solids.


Throne Chair / Laura Vergara

Throne Chair / Laura Vergara

Pink Screen Chair

The Pink Screen Chair is a chair designed through thermodegradable plastics totally respectful with the environment. This chair is designed for children’s environments, its side view has a fun touch resembling an open mouth screaming, this vacuum serves as a container to organize and store toys in the game room. This chair is inspired by the empathy and imagination they generate in children’s illustrations and these forms take them to contexts of objects, the cry comes from the feeling of chaos that can generate disorder visually.

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Pink Screen Chair / Laura Vergara

Pink Screen Chair / Laura Vergara

Words by Laura S.

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