El Taller de Piñero: overcoming without limits

by Laura S.

At Faberin we firmly believe that companies that are committed to creating different and innovative designs deserve our full support.

This is the case of El Taller de Piñero, a business dedicated since its inception mainly to the decoration of spaces, which to have its own production team of many trades has turned them into manufacturers of ideas applicable to any sector.

In the case of gastronomy, everything began with Albert Adriá, whom they affectionately refer to as “carakol”. The great Spanish chef, considered by many to be the best chef in the world, made them understand that the style of work and the capacity with which they worked could give shape to the pieces of crockery that the team had in mind.

From then on, El Taller de Piñero began to be known by all the great chefs, both for the quality and design of its dishes and for its creative capacity in incorporating any decorative element into the most demanding orders.

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The secret of a leading team in the world of design: people

Such a broad project could not have been better represented. People are the creators of these works of art, the ones in charge of giving birth to totally different designs.

As the head of this whole family is “the maker of the chefs”, Jose M. Piñero, in charge of each idea of the initial phase of all the projects to be carried out.

Along with him, a group of 40 artisans and professionals of design, carpentry, modeling, painting, metal…

The values defended by El Taller de Piñero are courage, sacrifice and honesty. They value knowing how to transmit the company’s values to both customers and employees and always try to be on the front line of the daily battle.

What probably differentiates them from other companies is that they don’t say no to anything. They never stop and are able to create any idea to a customer, something not everyone can say.

The best known facet of El Taller de Piñero is the decoration of thematic bars, but there is an increasing tendency to the thematicization of spaces: Shops, Hotels, even private houses and Offices. In addition, a few years ago also opened a gap in the world of experimental tableware.

Innovation at the service of the most demanding design

As they themselves tell us, “there is no material that can resist us”. They work mainly with wood, fibreglass, resin and metal. As for machinery, they have CNC machines, vinyl cutting, plotter printing plane and plotter printing rigid or flexible, laminator as well as a multitude of machinery for carpentry and metal.

As a not too distant future, El Taller de Piñero values the possibility of working with new materials, new surfaces or even materials with robotic parts. As a goal or objective to reach a bigger international market.

They have all kinds of professionals with their respective training and experience.

They create pieces that are usually very daring. If they had to highlight some of the pieces created together with the Adriá brothers and the Circo del Sol for the first season of Heart Ibiza, and for their peculiar style those of Dabiz Muñoz, these pieces would be the most outstanding of all their projects.

Also noteworthy for its complexity is the “Nou Mon” made for the Celler de Can Roca. A piece in which snacks from different parts of the world are served, which works with an internal mechanism that is activated when you place the bar that contains it in the name of the country that corresponds, opening in half a ball of the world that contains a hidden surprise inside.

“A crazy job for crazy”

“A work of madmen for madmen,” that’s how they’re defined. They have managed to attract the attention of the great Stars of national cuisine such as Ferran and Albert Adriá,

Dani García, Alberto Chicote, David Muñoz, the Roca Brothers…, who have found in El Taller de Piñero the place to realize their ideas, opening also a new division in the business “Creation and manufacture of experimental tableware”, which in four years has led them to work with the best and to create a brand together with the Adriá Brothers for their future commercialization “Adriá + Piñero”.

Among the contributions that we could reciprocally make with El Taller de Piñero say that “Faberin offers an online platform that can become an incredible social network between designers, artisans and makers, which expands our possibilities at many levels. For our part, I think we can offer experience in the sector as well as the Piñero brand with everything behind it”.

The conceptualization of the idea, come to imagine something that does not exist and make it a reality, this is the secret of the success of El Taller de Piñero.

From Faberin, we hope to be able to expand the possibilities of this great project and of many other designers who are eager to achieve all their goals with hard work and a lot of effort.

Words by Laura S.

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