‘Faber encounter’ at Joan Pou’s workshop with Japanese designer Yukiko Izumi.

by Vicente C.

As you know, we love the connections that are created between members of Faberin, a platform that brings together designers, local manufacturers and design lovers to create unique pieces and stories.

Today we want to tell you one of those stories. The protagonists are the manufacturers of Fusteria Pou and the Japanese designer Yukiko Izumi. Meanwhile, the narrator of this great story is Vicente Canóvas, CEO of Faberin, who participated in this endearing meeting.

Are you ready to relive this meeting? I leave you with Vincent:

The emotion one feels when visiting a craft workshop like the Pou family’s, with a wonderful environment, located on the outskirts of Centelles (Barcelona), is profound.

The first thing that surprises us on arrival is the beautiful views from the farm where the workshop is located, a farm on a mountainside, where the greenery of the vegetation is exuberant at this time of year. The quietness and tranquillity of the surroundings provoke an intoxicating well-being.

The workshop is located in a warehouse where there used to be a textile factory, which the transformations and changes in the economy forced to close more than 25 years ago.

At that moment the Pou family moved from the small workshop in the village to these really spectacular facilities.

Fusteria Pou's craft workshop in Centelles (Barcelona)

Fusteria Pou's craft workshop in Centelles (Barcelona)

We arrived from Barcelona where we had previously picked up Yukiko, Japanese designer, who is visiting the city, and because the destination decided so, had previously sent us a design, Partition Mirror, a screen that had been prototyped in Japan with a Japanese craftsman.

This design that we received with open arms, caught the attention of Joan Pou, offering to manufacture and sell it in Faberin.

The connection that had occurred through Faberin, was to become a physical reality in Centelles.

Without hesitation it was something wonderful, the reception of the Pou family, Joan, father and son and of course Carmen. They transmit a passion and love for what they do, that the marvelous pieces they make by hand seem to come to life when they are shown to us.

We saw the types of wood to be used for the elaboration of Partition Mirror, the different tones, the hardness, finally will be a Cedar of Canada, with pinkish tones, combined with a leather pieces that will act as hinges.

Once we have analysed the manufacturing details of the design that led us to the visit, we will visit the facilities, which begins in the offices themselves, where we can see some real wonders.

Designer Yukiko Izumi in one of the Gaudi style chairs by Fustería Pou

Designer Yukiko Izumi in one of the Gaudi style chairs by Fustería Pou

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The chairs style Gaudí, the armchairs, the tables, the mirrors, the mirrors… Absolutely works of art, and so they are exhibited among many other places in the Casa Pedrera in Barcelona.

They show us works for design companies, whose names are not revealed, and which are sent all over the world, carefully packed.

We go down to the workshop, an extensive warehouse, where we can appreciate the process of elaboration, the machinery they use, where manual skills are vital in the process.

They show us well-known stools, famous for their appearance on television programmes, which they produce with exquisite care.

Joan Pou father and Yukiko Izumi in the artisan workshop of Fustería Pou

Joan Pou father and Yukiko Izumi in the artisan workshop of Fustería Pou

The lacquering and painting area, the shipping area, where every detail is taken care of, packing the pieces in wooden boxes specially made for the care of shipments.

We visit the wood storage and drying areas, with a cellar with temperature and humidity control, guaranteeing the perfect conservation of the wood.

Vicente Cánovas, Yukiko Izumi and the Pou family in the artisan workshop of Fustería Pou

Vicente Cánovas, Yukiko Izumi and the Pou family in the artisan workshop of Fustería Pou

We ended the visit with the feeling that something fantastic had just happened, that it was the beginning of something bigger. We hope that this collaboration between Yukiko Izumi, Faberin and Fustería Pou will soon be reflected in original, unique and authentic products.

We will devote our efforts to this and hope that we will soon have the desired results.

What did you think of this ‘Faber encounter’?

If, like Joan father and son, you are a local manufacturer and want to make exclusive designs by international professionals a reality and market them all over the world. Or as Yukiko you are a designer and want to show your talent to the world, turning your projects into products for sale globally, take the step: Join Faberin and start enjoying the advantages of being part of the largest platform of design lovers.

At Faberin, we want to know your story.

Words by Vicente C.

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