#Faberindeco: How to decorate a small terrace

by Laura S.

Decorating a small terrace has become one of the most sought-after topics in summer.
Among the most sought-after trends in interior design, products in lighting, with plants, and above all … with originality.
From Faberin we are clear about the trends that are coming to stay this summer. Decorating with pots has become an interior revolution that is giving much to talk about.
Do you think you know the best options for your small terrace?


Trends to illuminate your terrace

When decorating small terraces, choosing the right size, colour and exposure can be difficult if several issues are not taken into account.

First of all, space. It is important to keep your small terrace or patio as the protagonists, and therefore the size of the floor should be proportional to it and not exceed the space they are going to occupy; otherwise it may give rise to a feeling of excessive load.

On the other hand, the style stands out. If what you are looking for is to maintain a neutral, vintage or modern style… white is still the best option. The white pots adapt perfectly to any of these alternatives and are able to highlight both the beauty of the plant and the chosen space.

Finally, regarding how to decorate a patio or a small terrace, the lighting of these plants remains of paramount importance. The small LED lights stand out for their low energy consumption and the warmth they provide to any space.

Decorate with green

Plants have always brought vitality, freshness and personality to any space, but when it comes to a terrace they acquire a singular protagonism.

There are many trends in decoration that have triumphed over the years in summer, and this year decorating with plants is undoubtedly the preferred choice of decorating experts.

One of the main problems that can arise from using plants in the decoration of open spaces is their care. They can be a nuisance if they do not know how to treat, so having a good pot or a quality irrigation system can greatly facilitate this task. Thus, the user would no longer have to water them and can focus on enjoying them without being tortured by the possibility of their being damaged. Hidric is the best option to decorate with plants your little paradise this summer.

Hydric: the key to making your terrace a success

Hidric is a self-irrigation pot that has been handcrafted from terracotta. Gerard is its designer, and part of the exercise to pay tribute to the typical Marquina oilcan, an emblem of Spanish design.

The main objective was to obtain a drip-proof pot that would perfectly administer the necessary hydration of the plant, achieving good water management, just as the oilcan did with the oil.

In this way, the plant becomes self-sufficient. The pottery itself acts as a conductor towards the roots, and by not subtracting in direct contact it prevents them from rotting.

Hidric makes life easier for the end user who can forget to water without feeling guilty of mistreating his precious plant and thereby harming his small terrace this summer.

In addition, the design of the dish prevents the creation of mosquito larvae.

A solution that triumphs thanks to a functional, attractive and most economical design.

From Faberin we are clear that if what you are looking for is for your terrace to be up to date without involving an excessive effort… Hidric is the solution that your terrace needs!

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Words by Laura S.

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