Manufacturing with biodegradable materials – Trends 2019

by Laura S.

ssFrom Faberin it is clear to us that in the manufacture of products, your materials take on special importance. Especially in an era in which the pollution of the planet is valued and highlighted, and as an alternative, many materials that would not only respect the environment but also surprise with qualities and functionalities not known until now.

These materials include biodegradable materials, which are all those materials that can be destroyed by microorganisms. This prevents the accumulation of non-biodegradable compounds in nature.


Best rated products: An ode to plastic

For years there have been great social awareness about environmental pollution problems. Plastic is one of its main triggers, and this has led product designers to consider a new way of reinventing their way of creating art.

Plastic is one of the materials that were intrinsically found in most of the designs that we could find in the market. Both for its easy economic access at the time of composing a product and for the functionality and ease with which it was possible to work with this raw material.

Thanks to materials such as starch or wood, and the latest technologies, plastic is beginning to go down in history. Biodegradable materials are already a success among the main interior designers. Not only do they reduce costs, they increase the efficiency of the design and facilitate its functionality. They also present increasingly risky designs, and thanks to the latest technologies such as 3D modeling, the creative process has been facilitated to reach unsuspected limits. In Faberin, we have a wide range of products and 3D print designs.

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Functionality, aesthetics and environmentally friendly design

Biodegradable materials have many benefits. At present, on an industrial scale, the degradation of plastics may require a period ranging from six to twenty-four months. This is of great concern to the population, who are becoming increasingly aware of it and trying to avoid polluting or environmentally unfriendly materials.

In the world of design it couldn’t be less. If aesthetics were already a concern, but also the content and message of a design, now it also matters what it is made of.

Consumers are increasingly reluctant to buy obsolete products that do not meet their expectations and social needs.

The most sought-after biodegradable materials

The environmental impact is made up of several categories of impact that are considered together before buying the solutions present in the world of design when manufacturing with respectful materials.

One of the most sought-after biodegradable materials is starch, which is being used to replace plastic in products as common and consumed as shopping bags.

Another example of biodegradable material highly valued by the consumer when choosing a design product would be wood. This material has been used for a long time, but it is being given a different functionality thanks to its brilliant properties that allow it to camouflage itself before any surface.

Straw, cardboard, paper and natural fabrics such as wool or cotton … are other biodegradable materials that are stepping strongly this year in the world of design.

Will you be the last to join the biodegradable revolution in the world of design?

Words by Laura S.

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