Mondema Artesanos: The most ethical and innovative side of craftsmanship

by Laura S.

The profession of the maker and that of the product craftsman is becoming more and more important. This is why at Faberin we value the work of these artisans, makers and local manufacturers with designers all over the world. We want to eliminate geographical barriers so that the only limit is imposed by imagination. Thanks to this, we get unique pieces anywhere in the world.

Let’s get to know better these craftsmen who were inspired by a different and personal style… Do you want to join us?

Artisans by vocation

Everything has a beginning, most jobs come from the economic need to find a paid job, but not everything goes. Mondema Artesanos started out in the world of design as one more work alternative, but when they got to know the trade… it became a vocation.

The specialty that these maker follow is the handcrafted carpentry and the restoration of furniture.

Within the team, Juan Carlos began in this profession when he was 15 years old, on the other hand, Rocío did it in 2005 when she joined the workshop full time.

The maker’s is a laborious creative work that engages, because as they themselves say you can see how materials such as wood are transformed into their own pieces to acquire the desired results, and that is something unique.

What sets them apart from the rest is the quality: “The customer has to be satisfied. We love challenges,” they say enthusiastically.

Workshop with “artisan” denomination

They have their own workshop called “artesana” in Tomelloso. In addition, they also have a shop of grouped crafts, Artesa. This is the only one in the province of Ciudad Real and has received the designation of “special interest craft” by the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla La Mancha.

Undoubtedly, a company consolidated in the world of design that not only provides a different perspective of work, but has already received numerous positive ratings within the sector.

The materials used by a maker say a lot about the way they work and the quality of the product they provide. That is why Mondema Artesanos is clear: wood.

Wood is the material they use par excellence, in addition to the new materials that are related to them (solid wood, laminated, derivative material…).

As for hand tools, they also use all those related to the carpentry trade (gouges, brushes, chisels, chisels, chisels, etc…) and workshop machinery such as saws, lathes, brushes, thickening, etc…

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Key values for Mondema Artesanos

Many are the values that move a product craftsman. Mondema Artesanos has an experience of more than 20 years and what is best, does not lose the desire to continue learning.

With respect to the artistic values that they have in the world of design, the creation of a piece of craftsmanship prevails, that starts from an initial idea and is carried out in a purely artisan way.

On the other hand, the communicational values that move these maker is that their designs and their main form are visually attractive and functional.

Sustainability is something that concerns them. Environmental value goes with them and they often use recycled wood or non-polluting materials.

And of course, functional values, where one piece can have several uses.

Why Faberin?

When they contacted other colleagues, they found that the world of design is nonconformist, and above all, it is waiting for its maker to propose new challenges.

Through Faberin they aim to achieve greater sales and better dissemination of the work done and the pieces created.

Without a doubt, this connection does not favour a great multitude of synergies that are reflected in the pieces created thanks to this mixture of values and above all by the perseverance of a job well done.

The added value is that each piece is made with great care and every detail counts. Not everyone can say that they will touch a piece of the designer who has been working for hours on a product, and here Mondema Artesanos’ clients will have a piece of the designer who has made a unique piece come true with his own hands.

This is what sets Faberin apart from the rest. We value work done in a sustainable, ethical and innovative way. The value of focusing on designs that are truly worthwhile.

And you… What are you waiting for to show what you are capable of with Faberin?

Words by Laura S.

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