Nude 2019 Award Winners: The Keys to Their Success

by Laura S.

Last week during the Habitat fair in Valencia, the Nude Award was presented to the winners of the 2019 Nude Awards.

Nude Generation is an experimental area that has been held since 2002 at Feria Hábitat Valencia at the end of September as part of the fair. It is one of the most important events in the world of design. And it has become an indispensable event for new designers, design schools, businesspeople and the media.

It is a showcase of opportunities where, in addition to choosing the winners of the nude 2019 awards, they are in charge of exhibiting the most innovative products, thus proclaiming themselves as a project of continuity in time that is created with the aim of achieving four main objectives:

  • To become a unique design platform.
  • To be a tool of service to the habitat sector
  • Create forums for new designers and industry to meet.
  • Spread the values of Habitat’s design culture.

What is Nude Generation?

Nude Generation is one of the top design events of the year. Each edition a Selection Committee is in charge of choosing, among the submitted applications, the works and the designers that will be part of the sample.

In each edition, the committee is made up of renowned professionals who represent different sensibilities related to the world of habitat, that is: designers, architects, interior designers, producers, distributors, as well as design theorists and media specialized in this discipline.

This year the jury was made up of: María de la Mata, Adriana Baamonde and Maite Rodríguez by Finsa’s design team and Actiu’s design team, formed by Ricardo Mínguez and Jordi Francés.

Soledat Berbegal, Councillor and Reputation Director of the Actiu Brand and Maite Rodriguez, Communication Director of Finsa have awarded the Prize in the Agora nude and congratulated the designers of this edition for the good level and the great contribution they make to product design.

Nude generation / Valencia Habitat fair 2019

Nude generation / Valencia Habitat fair 2019

The winners of the 2019 Nude Award

The jury has had a difficult decision, and that is that as they themselves have said, this is an edition loaded with talent and creativity that increasingly raises the level.

After a long reflection, it has been decided that this year the winners of the nude 2019 award will be the girls of 38 degrees: Agota Rimsaite and Cristina Sánchez, for reflecting in their creations the talent of two different cultures and for the friendly fusion of technological materials with natural materials.

The Nude Award 2019 consists of nothing more and nothing less than exhibiting at Nude 2020 financed by Actiu and Finsa.

“38 grados design” is a design studio founded in Barcelona. The professional relationship between the two founders was formalized at the design university of Elisava, studying a master’s degree in furniture design. Cristina is from Granada, where she graduated in architecture in 2017. Her designs are closely related to the use of pure and geometric shapes; she pays special attention to details and functionality.

On the other hand, Agota, born in Lithuania, studied product design in her hometown. She is passionate about minimalist design and the aesthetics of the products that surround her. In addition, in her designs she always seeks to add a fun touch.

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Nude 2019 award-winning products

The products presented at Habitat are “Dorica Stool”, a simple stool, elegant and loaded with presence. It has undoubtedly been one of the most commented works this year. Inside it has a light that brings a different atmosphere to any space, whatever the style to follow.

The other design that has left the jury and those attending the event speechless is the “Junts” lamp, which seeks its identity in the fundamental geometric forms, such as the circle and the rectangle. It includes a metal frame that provides stability and balance, and also has a wooden sphere turned with a magnet on the side that allows directing the light thanks to the various positions it is able to adopt.

Thus, it becomes a traditional lamp in which the pieces do not make sense one without the other.

“38 grados” therefore arises from the combination of two different but complementary personalities. It is shaped by a totally rich and independent education, culture and influences.

Without a doubt, two of us triumphed who have worked very hard to stand out from the rest and who bring as a result two powerful winners of the talent nude 2019 award.

Will these be the keys to success for future designs? Faberin has no doubts.

Words by Laura S.

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