Peter Anthony Martins: A 4.0 industry maker

by Laura

In Faberin, there is a meeting point where makers can connect with designers, and they at the same time maintain a direct connection with those people who love the design.

Thus, a wide community identified by communication, trust and transparency has been created. Today we are delighted to present a new maker who has just joining Faberin. This is Peter Anthony Martins, would you like to know his story? Here we go!

The role of Peter Martins in the world maker.

Peter Anthony Martins, is a representative of the industry 4.0 who is dedicated to project management. According to what the client needs, he creates a solution based on his knowledge about the materials and their finishes . In its manufacture it focuses mainly on wood.

In fact, the wood with all its derivatives, including 3D design , are his specialties, which are put into practice in his own workshop since 2006, when he began to devote himself to his trade.

However, he also applies his knowledge about CNC programming , which allows him not only to automate his work, but also to dedicate himself to manufacturing from the simplest low cost products to the most complex and exuberant, according to the particular needs of each client.

Picture by: Peter Anthony Martins

Picture by: Peter Anthony Martins

Science and art go hand in hand.

Just as many of the solutions that science offers and benefits us today were discovered by chance in a laboratory, Peter Anthony Martins also discovered his vocation without expecting it.

As a craftsman, his way of working focused on providing solutions, where each customer is a world, has led him to have an extensive knowledge of the manufacturing in different materials , which has made him be a project manager and devote himself entirely to it.

Martins is an passionate to continuously improve all industrial processes, which at the same time differs from industrial processes that are dedicated only to one segment by this ability to give each customer a close treatment, listen to their proposal and based on their needs work to obtain a good solution.

This young craftsman not only works the DM in an automated way, but applies the precision with hand tools as the tupi by hand, which allows him to modify the profiles of the wood and thus achieve for example design furniture with a cut and modeling of great precision.

Picture by: Peter Anthony Martins

Picture by: Peter Anthony Martins

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Why did Peter Anthony Martins come to Faberin?

Peter Anthony Martins is an enthusiast of challenges , he is not interested in staying in his comfort zone, on the contrary he is restless to continue learning by meeting designers who can be adapted according to each proposed project.

He feels confident that he can make an interesting contribution with his broad vision of manufacturing and even awakens in him that motivation that arises when he needs to find a solution where others do not find it, and this is a characteristic that sets him apart.

If you are a furniture manufacturer and decoration items , don’t think that your role is limited to the idea of big industrial productions , Faberin is waiting for you , and in this platform you will find new alternatives to your production.

Faberin proposes that you be part of a extensive community where designers join with the makers to give rise to online furniture sales with a direct deal with the client under the conditions you decide , choosing the designs to produce, setting your margins and making to order.

All you need to do is take the step and start manufacturing and selling to the whole world. ¡Register!

Words by Laura

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