Phebos Xenakis: New Talent

by Vicente C.

We continue discovering new designers, in this case a talent such as the Belgian Phebos Xenakis who, with just 24 years old, already has two international awards: gold winner in A’ Design Award (2016) and second prize in European Product Design Awards this year. ‘TRAPESI’ was the design thanks to which Xenakis achieved these important awards, a design that you will soon find on Faberin.

Trapesi, photo courtesy of Phebos Xenakis

Trapesi, photo courtesy of Phebos Xenakis

What is that about talent? Well, this is the way we call those designers who are starting their career and we think are the most promising. Thanks to our platform we will be able to make them known, putting them in contact with different makers so that they can make their designs by reaching thousands of people around the world.

Very soon from Faberin we will present you the designs of this talent. For now from Belgium Phebos Xenakis tells us his story, we hope you enjoy knowing him a little bit more.


Photo courtesy of Phebos Xenakis

Photo courtesy of Phebos Xenakis

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From a young age I used to admire the aesthetic beauty in nature. My time was mostly filled with practicing drawing and prototyping, this proved to be an important factor in my later life.

High school was never really my thing and failing many of my exams didn’t help either, this was the final sign I needed to change directions and enter an art school. Once there I studied architecture for the remaining 3 years of high school.

Architecture was an amazing subject and fascinated me, especially since my father was an architect, but eventually I discovered there was a different field of studies that in my opinion offered more possibilities towards developing my creative side. This newly discovered subject for me was product design. The possibilities were endless. I discovered you could design everything if so desired, from a small object like a pen to a complex hypercar.

This is what attracted me the most in design, the vast variety of things that can be designed. In my second year of college I started developing a deeper interest for furniture design, that is when I decided to further try and specialize in this subject, I started doing this by going on Erasmus for six months. My Erasmus study that took place in Slovakia helped me further develop my skills in furniture design.


Photo courtesy of Phebos Xenakis

Photo courtesy of Phebos Xenakis

In 2015 I finally graduated with my bachelor work called ‘TRAPESI’. It gave me joy that later on this bistro table provided me with my first two international design awards on the age of 22. These were the A’ Design Award and the European Product Design Awards.

In 2016 not feeling satisfied yet I went on and finished a postgraduate involving Brand& Packaging design.

Currently I’m following a one year bachelor involving furniture design to further enhance my design skills.
A design studio has not been established yet, but eventually this is what I want to work towards. Of course this does not mean that as a young designer I don’t accept or create new projects.

So far the story of Phebos Xenakis, what do you think about it?

We hope you found it interesting, Faberin is open to the incorporation of new designers, don’t you have too much experience but trust your talent as a designer? This is your chance! Do not hesitate to contact us.

We’re waiting for you.

Words by Vicente C.

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