Surprise your guests with the most original crockery

by Laura S.

At Faberin we value the originality of our products. It is one of the characteristics most sought after by restaurants and customers who, in an increasingly demanding manner, search our network for the ideal product. That’s why today we bring you a selection with the most original crockery so that you can surprise your guests at dinner at home, or in your own hotel or restaurant.

Among the products most sought after by bars and restaurants, dishes stand out for their exclusivity.  Also for the care in their manufacture and for the capacity they have to make these products stand out from others. These products are available in the Faberin catalogue.

This is a very important point when it comes to these companies. Being able to differentiate themselves from the competition by strengthening their brand and increasing their added value.


Barco de papel: a dish that will take you to the best port

This fun kitchenware is ideal for the hotel and catering trade. This design has been made of resin finished with food-grade varnish. Its main function is as a dish, although the imagination has no limits and its uses neither.

The modern and contemporary style of Barco de papel will surprise all diners.

It has been designed by El Taller del Piñero, specialists in space decoration, experimental crockery and above all… specialists in surprising.

Barco de papel, El taller de Piñero

Barco de papel, El taller de Piñero

Jarry: the most original jar of the moment

Jarry is one of the ideal pieces of tableware for restaurants. This decorative jar is designed to give you something to talk about. Its minimalist design is reminiscent of a botijo, and it is also very practical. Despite its small size, it can hold up to 1.4L inside.

Designed by Juan Manuel Domínguez from Murcia, it comes in matt or gloss, white, coloured or decorated like a fun creature.

Fun and variety is served.

Jarry, by Juan Manuel Domínguez

Jarry, by Juan Manuel Domínguez

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Crab- Dish: the most modern crab

This is undoubtedly one of the most original pieces of tableware for the hotel and catering industry.

This crab-shaped dish is one of the best-selling dishes for restaurants. It has been made of resin with a varnish finish for food use. In addition, from the second unit you will enjoy a special promotion in the shipment.

It has been designed and manufactured by El Taller del Piñero, and it is not one of the most sought-after and fun designs of the moment.

What are you waiting for to make your restaurant triumph with Faberin?

Crab, by El Taller de Piñero

Crab, by El Taller de Piñero

Words by Laura S.

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