Sustainable designs: the secret of fashionable success

by Laura S.

Sustainable design is one of the most important factors within Faberin.

Sustainability is the balance of a species with the resources of its environment, this would be the formal definition. The reality is that despite technological progress, the creation of design products can be detrimental to the planet if the right materials are not used. It is necessary to raise awareness in our current society without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs within the world of more sustainable design.


Sustainable design: the most commonly used materials

The society in which we live has reinvented a new business market in the world of design. Thus, the prevailing need arises to establish some roadmaps, some axes on which designers can be governed respecting the environment and contributing to the dosage and regularization of their raw materials.

The main objective is to maintain the commitment to responsible exploitation and consumption.

Among the most sustainable materials used in the world of design, they stand out:
Cellulose fibre or recycled paper is an excellent choice among the most commonly used insulating materials. The insulation of cellulose is incomparable, it protects from the cold in winter, from excessive heat in summer and allows to balance the maximum and minimum temperatures of the day in summer.
OBS panels, this product is derived from wood and arises from the evolution of plywood board formed by layers of chips or splinters that are oriented in the same direction. It is totally impermeable and can be reused and treated in the manufacture of other wood products or in energy and electricity generation processes. It is also an innovative alternative for interior partitions or even furniture, floors and ceilings.
Baked clay is one of the natural treatments that ensures that the earth maintains its best qualities such as insulation and good thermal inertia.

This material is used in ventilated ceramic façades, vaults, tiles… it is a sustainable alternative that can be applied in the creation of any material.

Touch wood! The luckiest classics on the market

Among the most sustainable materials for the creation of design products, wood stands out strongly. It is one of the materials that below a certain limit is always available. In this case, the exploitation of the forest is sustainable.

Wood is one of the most sustainable materials that allows its maker to give free rein to his imagination. The creativity of the most innovative designers is reinvented because wood is a material that admits almost all possibilities. It allows us to work with and value a noble material that makes it the most sustainable alternative in design.

This is one of the best-known traditional sustainable materials, but its many advantages are unknown. It is the material with the least environmental impact on its production and life cycle. It is considered a CO2 sink, all of this of course under responsible felling.

It is the most appropriate for the creation of any product, because by its natural color, does not need more treatments or paints to adapt perfectly to any style chosen.

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The success of avant-garde sustainability

We live in a society that is increasingly innovative and aware of healthy lifestyle habits. Within this sustainable life, design has a lot to say. Therefore, it is important to know the best sustainable alternatives for the design and manufacture of sustainable products.

At Faberin, we are committed from the second zero to applying all this knowledge to our designs, in order to be able to provide our consumers with the best possible experience with our exclusive sustainable designs.

What are you waiting for to join the most sustainable revolution?

Words by Laura S.

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