Sofia and Tito: The authors of the most exclusive dishes are already in Faberin.

by Laura S.

In Faberin we believe in inspiration as the main source of energy that gives life to all the designs with what we have achieved. Thanks to this inspiration, design has advanced throughout history and has also managed to change us as people.

We are frantic to be able to introduce you to Sofia and Tito as part of the Faberin family, as they will be part of our wonderful team of makers. They have always been passionate about the world of art and now they design crockery making it a highly demanded work of art.

The original crockery they design and create today exists thanks to the design studios and various ceramic courses that have trained them throughout their career. Sofia even managed to run a children’s ceramic workshop!

Art is had and… It’s done!

Sofia and Tito have touched art in different facets of their lives since they were very young. For years they shared the direction of the Villacis art gallery in Murcia, enjoying and maintaining relationships with the best painters and sculptors in the region, and this experience led them to carry out some individual and collective exhibitions, something that enriched them very much.

Afterwards, they left their experience with the world of painting to one side and entered fully into the discipline of ceramics and sculpture. “The art in our daily coexistence is for us one more language”, assures Sofia.

The crockery that they create is being very sought after by a particular sector: the hotel sector. Since the dishes created by this couple of designers are fresh, original and also represent an extra value for the fact that they are exclusive pieces of design, they are devastating and being used as dishes for the hotel and catering industry. the dishes for a restaurant are increasingly different.

For the consumer, not everything goes, and the more innovative and original the product they are going to buy and, of course, the place and the object where they are going to consume it, the more satisfied this client will be. this is why Tito and Sofia had it so clear from the first moment, a restaurant set of dishes can change the way in which the consumer accesses the product.

Food is important, but the way you access it will make you value it twice as much.

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Design tableware for restaurants

Tito and Sofia usually work with refractories, porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, concrete, enamels, patinas with earth, resins, steel … Both Sofia’s and Tito’s pieces are totally handmade and unique.

The materials are the most varied and all have been made with great care and dedication. Through the combination of the exclusive design of these pieces and their innovative style, the value of the menu is enhanced, making the food look much more and the style of your table shines with its own light.

These tableware and support achieve the purpose of elegance, simplicity and innovation in their works, all without losing the functionality and comfort for both the chef and the diner.

The crockery for catering incorporates handmade pieces one by one. Its decoration is painted directly by hand without using templates, and this allows to create exclusive designs with which the consumer will not be able to forget your establishment in a long time.

Were you looking for a different way to differentiate yourself from other establishments? Now, thanks to Tito’s and Sofia’s hotelware, our new makers, you will make your business stand out from the rest and give the consumer a much more complete and unforgettable gastronomic experience. Register for free to discover all that Faberin have prepared for you!

Words by Laura S.

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