Xose Biko: the functional expressionist designer

by Laura S.

We discovered Xose Biko, the functional expressionist designer.

We live in a totally revolutionary era in the world of design, where more and more product creators are positioning themselves in favor of a new trend that goes beyond the established and is based mainly on inspiration.

At Faberin we are very proud that more and more designers are joining our community to bring a new point of view and, of course, to gain visibility in the world of international design. If there’s one thing we like, it’s turning your designs into reality, creating unique products and all while enjoying the benefits of being part of Faberin.

Once again we have the pleasure of introducing you to a new professional who joins us. This time, we are talking about one of the most original artists of the moment: the most naturalistic designer of the moment, Xose Biko.


Xose Biko

Xose Biko

Xose’s beginnings in the world of design

Xose defines himself as a passionate fan of the profession of designer. An optimistic and cheerful person, so much so, that he enjoys the path without remedy or solution.

Of course, the work of a designer is a passion that is born and cultivated over time. In fact, his last year of high school he spent his classes sketching instead of taking notes. He drew new models of chairs, lamps, handles…anything. “I remember that what opened the spigot was an interview with designer Gabriel Teixidó who, by chance, I ran into in a magazine. I thought “this is what I want to do”, but I’m not sure I “decided” anything, I just wasn’t able to do anything else”.

Xavi has been designing for many years, but the market has taken him mainly by graphic design, web design and audiovisual design and production, fields where he has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in which he has collaborated with clients such as Peugeot, Citroën, Pescanova, RTVE, Cortefiel …

In terms of product design he has worked designing objects for events and ephemeral spaces for large shopping centres and groups such as Jones Lang LaSalle. In the last year he has also entered fully into the world of 3D printing, training in various centres specialised in this new and surprising technology.

If he were a painter, he would be an “expressionist”. He looks for imaginative designs that express through organic forms and refined lines. He loves architecture and tries to give all his designs an architectural component.

The most natural inspiration: Xose’s style

This optimistic designer is guided by useful objects created with organic forms inspired by nature. “I like that my designs transmit, that when seeing them provoke a turn of the head”, he assures.

An example of this style is undoubtedly  ‘Dancing Grass’. This new lamp is inspired in nature, in the movement of grass shaken by the wind. Its texture and undulating shapes create an ideal light for any space and style. The best thing is that this lamp can be personalized with a small phrase that is integrated into its base, so that you can dedicate it to whoever you want.

A product that in just two days could be put on sale.

Dancing Grass / Xose Biko

Dancing Grass / Xose Biko

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Aesthetics and usefulness: the basis of your products

The two values by which Xose is governed are aesthetics and utility. They are because they are two basic requirements that always go together and must be within any design.

His favorite material is wood, although working with 3D printing has caused him to start testing other materials, such as PLA which is a biodegradable thermoplastic. This designer is concerned about the environment and, in this day and age, that a material is biodegradable seems fundamental to him.

He also attaches great importance to sustainability and constant improvement. Product design for him is a creative but also iterative activity where every step improves the result.

Design is a fundamental part of all human creation. And the principle next to the idea. This designer believes that everyone, starting with the designers themselves, should give more value to the importance of design.

Faberin is the perfect shortcut to bring other designs closer to the public, to connect with the right manufacturers and create a lot of good products together. “My contribution to this great platform are the designs created especially for her and the commitment in the development of the product so that the client sees his expectations exceeded. The goal: a Wow! when you open each of your orders,” says the ambitious designer.

Dancing Grass / Xose Biko

Dancing Grass / Xose Biko

Words by Laura S.

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