The lamp that took only two days to be on sale

Xosé Biko, the functional expressionist designer

Originally from Vigo, this designer uploaded his first design, the lamp 'Dancing Grass' and after only two days he made his first sale


'Dancing Grass'

"Inspired by nature, by the movement of grass shaken by the wind. Its texture and undulating forms produce a very pleasant light for any environment.

The design can be customized with a small phrase that is integrated into the base of the lamp. You can dedicate this lamp to whoever you want"

Dancing Grass

designed by

Xosé Biko

Sergio Sanz,
and his study Milab3D, makers of the lamp 'Dancing Grass'

Once the design of the Dancing grass was uploaded to, the maker Sergio Sanz, an architect by profession and owner of the Milab3D studio, decided to manufacture the 'Dancing Grass' lamp and was in charge of the production through the 3D printing technique.

What does Faberin bring you?

"Faberin is the perfect shortcut to bring my designs closer to the public, to connect with the right manufacturers and create a lot of good products together. My contribution to this great platform are the designs created especially for her and the commitment in the development of the product so that the customer sees his expectations exceeded. The goal: a 'Wow!! when you open each of your orders"

Xosé Biko
Barcelona, Spain

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