I'm a maker : Francisco José Gómez Velázquez

Architect, designer and maker. The creative behind the product Soul 4.0

Francisco José Gómez Velázquez, architect with a passion for digital manufacturing. Originally from San Pedro del Pinatar, Murcia, designer and maker of the Soul 4.0 vase

Its design is characterized by being Heterogeneous, organic and technical as well as emotional

"Soul 4.0 is a collector's item, a decorative object, a sculpture. It is a purely contemplative object that invites us to think, a tribute to memory, optimism and hope, for this reason it encloses a space in its interior that escapes towards the upper part, the soul towards the sky, and this tells us about the geometric fluidity of its forms. Moreover, Soul 4.0 is a perishable product that, like life, has an expiry date and will tend to degrade over time until it is finished or started, depending on how you look at it, being part of the compost of any garden."

. Soul is inspired by the classic shape of a vase, but it is not. The aim is to create that appearance while sculpting a dialogue with the space inside, as well as exploring the possibilities of 3D printing to make a body unthinkable with conventional technologies.

You will be able to find it in different sizes which will facilitate its adaptation to different rooms and needs. Inspired by nature and organic geometry, Francisco plans his designs as a result of the technical processes that manufacture them."

Soul 4.0

designed by

Francisco José

Francisco José Gómez Velázquez is the maker behind his own design

The idea of carrying out my own manufacturing arises from this very need to do personal things or things so concrete that they are outside the usual production chain. In short, to create a local productive model, sustainable and far from the centralized industry.

In 2016 he founds "Laboratorio de Artesanía Digital", a FabLab belonging to the worldwide network of the M.I.T. where almost anything can be manufactured.

This manufacturing space allows professionals from different areas to develop their projects and initiatives.

It has a great variety of services and means and provides technical support and personalized advice adapted to each project.

Francisco promotes self-learning and the active participation of each user, without ceasing to be a guide for all those who need it.

The soul 4.0 design in particular, was manufactured under the technique of 3D printing

What does Faberin bring you?

" Faberin has been and is an ally and friend, both as a platform and personally. Being a space of connection between designers, manufacturers and users, not only has allowed me to have a digital space where to market my designs but also helps me, as a maker, to be able to offer my services to other designers and work on their projects to put them on sale, wherever they are.

Without a doubt, Faberin is a visionary project in line with the new times and that, in a way, has meant a global support to my particular project. "

Fco. José Gómez
San Pedro del Pinatar, Spain

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