I'm a product : Kenny

Meet Kenny, the most famous elephant of the moment

Juanny Barceló Borges designer of Italian product of Cuban origin based in Brisighella, Italy.
He uploaded the design of his Kenny lamp to our platform and in just 48 hours he made his first sale.

Kenny, the elephant printed in 3D

Kenny is a 3D printed elephant characterized by essential graphic and sculptural lines to fascinate both adults and children. Juanny believes that everything can be a source of inspiration:
"Context and contextualization are very important. But, above all, who I work with, their stories and skills are a great source of inspiration because we are all unique and different."


designed by

Juanny Barceló

Kenny was manufactured in the 3D digital workshop Cheese

Once the design of Kenny was uploaded to, the maker Carlos Massó, and his digital manufacturing workshop 3D Cheese based in Albacete bet to carry out the manufacture of the lamp "Kenny" and was in charge of the production through the technique of 3D printing. The printers they use are the most powerful, the Original Prusa i3 MK3.

What does Faberin bring you?

"The design process began by trying to understand Faberin's identity and what his goals are. From there, determine and identify the possible target and then contextualize a scene where to insert the future result. The buyer Faberin is looking for an object with original narrative content to create a home environment that is welcoming and eclectic but reveals a brilliant and sophisticated personality."

Juanny Barcelò
Brisighella , Italy

"For me Faberin is like a digital coworking in which very interesting synergies arise. Being in contact with designers, who can solve your doubts when making one of their designs is very important. If you want to give a product of quality and design very exclusive communication between designer and manufacturer to be optimal. This was my case with Juany, Kenny's designer. The design had to be readapted so that the printing would be faster and the installation of the wiring and bulb could be done by anyone in a comfortable way. On the other hand, Faberin brings the power to create designs very fun to make that you can not find elsewhere. So as a manufacturer helps you to position yourself by being able to offer something different and of exceptional quality and taste. It helps you not to be "one more" in the 3D printing scene in my case."

Carlos Massó
Albacete, Spain

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