This is a rack for the child room, is a furniture to help to parents and children to keep clean and tidy his room. The concept is a furniture which motivate to children to organise his clothes and shoes. The form follow the function, we need rack for clothes and board for shoes but at the same time that it is an object that children want to have in their room and be part of their universe, that they can identify what is for them and want to use it. The fish scrape is perfect for this, we turn the rack 15 degrees and the clothes hang freely.


  • Materials
  • Colors
  • Dimensions
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  • Wood
  • Wood
  • Height: 96 cm,
    Wide: 20 cm,
    Large: 60 cm,
    Weight: 0 kg
  • Style:
Fish Rack
Original design by
Pedro Luis
Carretero Parra