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Earn money by selling your designs to a community of local manufacturers


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Design for a global network of local manufacturers and earn revenue from your talent


Increase your income by making original designs, without intermediaries and directly to the client

What they say about Faberin

"Faberin gives me the opportunity to create and communicate my designs on their website, it allows me to focus on finding new creative solutions while they are in charge of production and sales. With Faberin I am sharing my creative designs, giving them the opportunity to attract new customers interested in sustainable products that seek to decorate with functionality."

María Eugenia Aldinucci
Barcelona, Spain 8 designs

"MI think it's a sustainable idea to connect current designers with local artisans. From day one the Faberin team has shown a lot of interest in my work, with a lot of communication and familiar treatment. I have been offered to produce quality designs in my workshop that I never imagined I would do, as well as being young international designers with very fresh ideas, which makes me very excited. I want to be able to continue making new pieces so creative and that this pioneering experience with Faberin will flourish for a long time to come."

Antonio Pérez Muñoz
Las Palas, Spain 11 products

"Unbelievable! If this can work, it will be the dream of my life. See my products in production. I have several products for now."

Lenka Kozic
Senec, Slovakia 2 designs

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The first platform that turns designs into products in a fully digital way

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We connect sustainable and environmentally friendly product designers with local manufacturers who advocate the efficient use of resources and on-demand production

Faberin's base is the strong connections between its different members

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