Corporate Culture

Data Driver

Decisions are made at a given time based on the data available to us at that time. By themselves, they are neither good nor bad, but the result of a reflection carried out in certain circumstances. We continually question them because we are aware of their time value and the fact that there will be a better version in the future.

For this reason, decision making at Faberin is a continuous practice that helps us to be different and better every day. As members of the organization, we make decisions autonomously without thinking whether or not third parties will like them, we base them on objective data and avoid assuming facts or results in the context of the organization's collective mission.

At Faberin we do not face problems, but opportunities that make us more creative and agile. We simply do not use the word "problem" in our daily vocabulary.


When a person (collaborator, colleague...) gives an opinion on a certain subject, we will receive it with respect and tolerance whether it is for or against our interests. Several people may have different opinions on a certain issue because the level of information they probably have about it is also different, and it is in diversity that the best solution appears

Share and Collaborate

Sharing knowledge and experiences makes us better people and professionals every day, helping to build trust and respect as a basic pillar in the company's personal relationships.
We facilitate collaboration and connection both within Faberin and with third parties, accelerating the processes of innovation and creation, putting our know-how at everyone's service since we will receive much more than we imagine


Our challenge is to create the conditions so that our employees and our community want and feel proud to belong to Faberin. In order to do so, we must break down barriers, promote places with common interests, establish challenges and goals that, with effort and feedback, within a set of rules, make us move forward continuously. We are always available for others and willing to be useful to them.

Our vision is for Faberin to make creativity flow, love for a job well done and collaboration among equals


At Faberin we are committed to environmental sustainability and the efficient use of natural resources and energy. At Faberin we are in favour of eliminating stocks, reducing transport costs, promoting the use of recycled raw materials, products and raw materials that are biodegradable. Reuse, reuse, re-circulate should be the driver that guides our decisions


We must become teachers, let's be teachers. Let us act according to our values, with transparency, giving an example with our acts, teaching what we know, respecting the point of view of others, ...

Fail, everyday, quick, cheap and ...

We must encourage failure, don't be afraid to fail.


We must feel confident that what we have said we will do, will be done.
The sense of discipline refers to the conviction that what has been agreed upon will be carried out, following the path laid out by the organization, without taking autonomous decisions to carry out tasks that are not aligned with the objectives


Language must be close, warm, humane, open, positive, fresh, respectful, informal, clear, ...
We don't use clicks, ironies, metaphors.
I ask, I listen and I respect.
I don't presuppose.

We are digital

What does it mean that we are digital? What do we use technology for? No. It means that we are agile, open, flexible, wow effect, fast, transparent, autonomous, ...

Comfortable with Uncertainty

We know where we are going even if sometimes we don't know which is the best way to reach our goals. We must be explorers, walk our own, unknown paths, and not just for ourselves, and move forward with confidence and the support of all

We are Kaizen

Continuous improvement throughout the company. Incorporate trial and error methodologies, data collection, analysis, correction, action,... The management of processes, the improvement of marketing, leads us to the search of the organizational tools to always obtain the best results.

Establishing robust processes will allow us to grow the company consistently and at the same time lead us to continually ask ourselves why? How can I improve? We are aware that these processes have no end, and that success is in the process of finding it. We deeply value initiative, the risk of doing things differently