Design for a global network of local manufacturers and earn revenue from your talent

We link designers with manufacturers around the world so that you can earn money by selling your designs. We also turn your designs into products for sale.

Faberin is a platform that brings together designers from around the world with local manufacturers to turn designs into original products

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Register for free and upload your designs

Complete the design upload form, a global community of manufacturers is looking for your talent. Get a document that certifies your authorship and first disclosure. It will protect you against third party copying.

We are looking for experienced manufacturers that fit perfectly with your design

Manufacturers specializing in designs like yours will be informed when you upload your design. Your design will be quoted and put on sale in a fast and secure way.

Your design will be part of our product catalogue

Once it is budgeted, your design will appear as a product for sale in our catalogue. Ready! You'll start generating revenue from each sale.

What the designers say

"Faberin gives me the opportunity to create and communicate my designs on their website, it allows me to focus on finding new creative solutions while they are in charge of production and sales. With Faberin I am sharing my creative designs, giving them the opportunity to attract new customers interested in sustainable products that seek to decorate with functionality."

María Eugenia Aldinucci
Barcelona, Spain 8 designs

"At Faberin I find a worldwide network of manufacturers, where my design generate royalties and industrial property rights belong to me and are protected."

Juanny Barcelò
Brisighella, Italy 27 designs

"Unbelievable! If this can work, it will be the dream of my life. See my products in production. I have several products for now."

Lenka Kozic
Senec, Slovakia 2 designs

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