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Ceramics has gone from being a classic to almost an art, highly valued in the 21st century.

Ceramics is one of the most versatile and chameleonic materials, since depending on the colours and the technique selected it is capable of adapting to any style. This feature is highly appreciated by restaurants that want to differentiate their offer from the rest, offering their dishes in unique pieces of craftsmanship. Take advantage and start generating income with your designs at no cost!

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by El Taller de Piñero

Ceramic tableware and supports for sale

La mar salada
Mónica Bordanova
74.62 €
91.49 €
17.92 €
Don't cry
Antonio Pérez Muñoz
48.25 €

Ceramists specialising in restoration at Faberin

Murcia, Spain
5 products
Antonio Pérez Muñoz
Las Palas, Spain
15 products
El Taller de Piñero
Alcoy, Spain
3 products
Mónica Bordanova
Valencia, Spain
3 products