I'm a customer

At Faberin you will find original designs by international professionals. All the pieces you will find in Faberin have the signature of a designer, they are unique, original designs, which you will only find in Faberin. In addition, many of them have the option of customization, so you can participate in the product design process yourself. Because in Faberin you are also the protagonist.

The unique designs you find at Faberin are made by local manufacturers who have been previously verified, certifying their capabilities, skills and resources.

At Faberin buying is very simple, you just choose the design you like, and then select the manufacturer you want to make your piece. If you want to know more about how to make a purchase at Faberin, visit our shopping guide section.

Each local manufacturer establishes its own product warranty conditions, respecting the existing legislation in each country. Faberin guarantees that the transaction is done in a completely secure manner.

The manufacturer and seller set their delivery times. Depending on the complexity of the manufacturing process and its workload, deadlines may vary. In any case, the customer will be informed of the estimated delivery time, by means of a message that the manufacturer will send to the customer, when he receives the order and calculates the estimated delivery time. Once this delivery time has elapsed, Faberin will contact the customer to check that the order has arrived in time and form.

Faberin ensures the collection and payment of the product. At the time of purchase, Faberin collects the payment and will hold the payment to the seller until delivery of the product in conformity.

The return conditions are established by each of the sellers, and you can always take advantage of your right to cancel your order within the first 15 days after your purchase.

Registering with Faberin as a 'Customer' will allow you to keep up to date on the latest news, the latest designs to be added to our catalogue, as well as special offers and promotions.

It depends on the availability of the product in your location. Currently, the full catalogue is available in Spain. In areas such as the USA or Europe only some products are available. If you would like to purchase one of the products that are not available in your area, please contact us, surely we can do something.

I'm product designer

You can market your designs establishing your own operating conditions. Once the legal conditions of the platform are confirmed, you can upload your designs and select the amount you would like to earn as the royalty. Then, your design is accessible and available to be produced.

The artisan or local manufacturer. You must calculate the sales price taking into account the price of the materials, the labor hours, Faberin´s management percentage, the designer´s percentage (royalty), transport and other miscellaneous expenses.

The only people who can download it are registered users and certified local manufacturers.

Faberin always requests a certificate to each user to assure the local manufacturer's status.

As the original author of the design, intellectual property rights are exclusively yours.

You allow the commercialization of your designs via Faberin (i), and their usage to those local manufacturers devoted to their production (ii).

You will have access to the detailed information of every craftsman who has your design/s.

Once that the vesting period – six months – comes to an end, designers will be able to move away the design at any time, and their authorization concerning the usage of the design will also disappear. Then, the retired design will not be available for neither the platform nor the customers, but the commitment of the parties (the platform, local manufacturers and customers) will remain in force, regarding the infringement of the fundamental right to respect for intellectual property.

The platform will keep informed those artisans devoted to a certain design in case it is moved away, in order to ask them for a confirmation of recognition.

Monthly, Faberin will credit your account with your earnings from design downloads and sales of products licensed by you. It must have been 15 days since the delivery of the product to be able to settle your royalties.

Faberin's designs are original exclusive, as a designer you commit to be the author of the designs delivering your design exclusively to the markets you decide. The local artisan or manufacturer also undertakes to respect your royalties and may not sell outside Faberin.

Yes, you will be able to sell products of the same design, but always in markets other than those selected by Faberin.

Currently, the amount of royalties is fixed in euros (€). You can use online currency converters to set this figure based on your country's currency.

No, in 2007 the Supreme Court issued a ruling that has established jurisprudence and establishes that it is not necessary to register as self-employed if the income is lower than the Minimum Professional Wage. In 2018, the minimum interprofessional wage rose by 4% to 24.53 euros/day or 735.9 euros/month. As long as this income is not exceeded, it will not be necessary.

It is not necessary, in order to be able to offer designers proof of the first creation and disclosure of their designs, which they will be able to use to act and defend themselves in court against copies based on the figure of the Unregistered Community Design, Faberin will issue a document that they will receive at the time of uploading their design onto the platform, which will protect them against copying cases for a period of 3 years from the date of first disclosure; allowing the owner of the design to act or defend himself in court against copying based on that right, without prejudice to protection via copyright.

Currently, if you upload your design to Faberin, your design will be marketed in the Spanish market. In some cases, the manufacturer may also offer it for sale in other markets such as Europe and the United States.

I'm Maker (3d print, cnc, maker, craftsman...)

A Maker is the person or group of people who manufacture and make products. It can be by digital tools, 3d printing, cnc, laser cutting, or a local craftsman or manufacturer who owns a workshop or factory and is able to make products according to demand.

I can buy original designs from international designers.
I can put products on sale and create my product listings to sell directly to customers.

None, all you have to do is register, fill in the form and request verification.

It is the process that allows us to prove that you are the registered user, that you are capable of manufacturing the products, and that allows us to verify that your manufacturing skills and resources are true. Once verified you have permission to access the private data of the designs.

In the registration process you will need to add social networks, websites or blogs where we can check your skills, resources and manufacturing capabilities. You can add any address that allows you to verify my profile with my work, photos of my workshop, social networks, etc..

Once your profile is verified, you access through your profile to the technical documents of the design that will allow you to calculate your price. Buy a design and in just three steps set the price, delivery time and cost of transport.

You as the manufacturer set your price. The designer sets yours (sales royalties). The final price is the sum of your price, the designer's price and the shipping costs.
You should know that Faberin's commission and taxes will be deducted from the final price you set.

You determine your delivery time, detailing the time needed for manufacture and transportation time.

You as a manufacturer are responsible for the logistics. The Fabers take care of shipping the product to the customer. You will have to establish the price of the transport according to the destination and establish the term of the shipment. We advise you to use this link packlink, to calculate the costs and if you consider hiring the same.

Orders will be notified to you by email at your registration address at the same time the order is placed.

If you have 24 hours to reject an order, you can do so by replying to the email and explaining the reasons.

Faberin assures the collection of your money, as it will retain the client´s money in your favour from the moment of purchase. Once the product has been delivered you will receive the money in your account.

You are the one who specifies delivery terms and product returns. Our community will be very thankful if you facilitate your own conditions when returning a product as clear and concise as possible.By default, the 14 days will appear as the right of withdrawal that the law contemplates.

You don´t need to have stock of the products, you set the delivery times, although you should bear in mind that our customers value the immediacy of the deliveries.

Yes, at Faberin we are in favour of consumers being able to choose their nearest Faber, thus promoting local manufacturing, avoiding transport costs.

You choose in which markets you want to market your products. Currently, the most developed market is Spanish, but you can choose to extend your coverage by adding any other country in the world. In that case, you will have to calculate the shipment of the product to those countries

In 2007, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that has established jurisprudence and states that it is not necessary to register as self-employed if income is below the Minimum Interprofessional Wage. For the year 2019, the Government has approved a Royal Decree by which the Minimum Interprofessional Wage (SMI) is increased by 22.3%, until it is set at 30 euros/day or 900 euros/month.

I'm a Faberfan

In Faberin you will find original designs. All products have the signature of a designer, they are created in a unique and authentic way that you can only find at Faberin.

For retailers, physical stores, decorators, horeca, you can find designs that are ideal for your business. Write to us and ask for your exclusive.

Our designers' designs are manufactured by local manufacturers who have been previously verified, certifying their capabilities, skills and resources that they are capable of manufacturing those designs.

At Faberin it is very easy to buy original design, I just choose the design I like, and then I select the manufacturer who will deliver the product to me.
If you want to know more about how to make a purchase at Faberin, visit our shopping guide section.

Each manufacturer establishes its conditions of guarantee for the products, respecting the existing legislation in each country.
Faberin offers a 30-day guarantee.

The manufacturer and seller establish their delivery times. Delivery times may vary depending on the complexity of the manufacturing process and your workload.
Once this delivery time has elapsed, Faberin will contact the customer to check that the order has arrived on time.

Faberin ensures collection and payment of the product. When the purchase is made, Faberin collects the payment and holds it for the seller until the product is delivered accordingly.

The return conditions are set by each seller, and you can always exercise your right of withdrawal during the first 15 days after your purchase.


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