I´m a customer

In Faberin you will find original and exclusive designs of furniture and decoration, which will be made in a unique way by artisans and makers from all over the world.

At Faberin shopping is very simple. Choose the design you like and select the artisan or maker who makes it for you.

Faberin ensures that the transaction is carried out safely. The maker guarantees and establishes the delivery conditions of the product. It sets the price, delivery time and return conditions.

I´m product designer

You can market your designs establishing your own operating conditions. Once the legal conditions of the platform are confirmed, you can upload your designs and select the amount you would like to earn as the royalty. Then, your design is accessible and available to be produced.

The artisan or maker. You must calculate the sales price taking into account the price of the materials, the labor hours, Faberin´s management percentage, the designer´s percentage (royalty), transport and other miscellaneous expenses.

The only people who can download it are registered users and certified makers.

Faberin always requests a certificate to each user to assure the maker’s status.

On Faberin, you can also choose whether you allow any maker to buy your design or select only those who you prefer.

As the original author of the design, intellectual property rights are exclusively yours.

You allow the commercialization of your designs via Faberin (i), and their usage to those makers devoted to their production (ii).

You will have access to the detailed information of every craftsman who has your design/s.

Once that the vesting period – six months – comes to an end, designers will be able to move away the design at any time, and their authorization concerning the usage of the design will also disappear. Then, the retired design will not be available for neither the platform nor the customers, but the commitment of the parties (the platform, makers and customers) will remain in force, regarding the infringement of the fundamental right to respect for intellectual property.

The platform will keep informed those artisans devoted to a certain design in case it is moved away, in order to ask them for a confirmation of recognition.

Faberin will deposit your revenue from sales of products licensed by you into your account on a monthly basis. 15 days must have passed since the delivery of the product to be able to liquidate your royalties.

The designs in Faberin are exclusive, as a designer you commit yourself to deliver your design exclusively for the markets you choose. The artisan or maker also commits to respect your royalties and is not authorized to sell outside of Faberin.

Yes, you can sell products of the same design, but only in a different market from those selected at Faberin.

I´m maker

There is no necessary prerequisite. Just send us your personal details, your history including some photos of your team and your workshop. Tell us why you are an artisan, which materials are your favourite, if there is any particular designer in the community (faber-fans or fabers) you would like to meet or if there is any craftsman you admire in your trade. We would love to hear about it!

The master craftsman is the one who manages it. You should do sales price calculations taking into account the price of the materials, the time invested in its fabrication, Faberin’s listing fee, the percentage (royalty) to be paid to the designer, transport and other costs (from the amount you paid for the design to the fixed business costs.

Faberin assures the collection of your money, as it will retain the client´s money in your favour from the moment of purchase. Once the product has been delivered and fifteen days after delivery, you will receive the money in your account.

You are the one who specifies delivery terms and product returns. Our community will be very thankful if you facilitate your own conditions when returning a product as clear and concise as possible.

You don´t need to have stock of the products, you set the delivery times, although you should bear in mind that our customers value the immediacy of the products.

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