Minimal, slender, simple ... and complex lamp. How, from a single body, it's able to create different illuminations for various environments. The heart of this design is the use of the industrial process: a single plate cut in laser, folded and folded again and topped with welding points for structure and stability. The luminaire: a warm led. The L01 has two sides. The front face, with a full opening from top to bottom, a sensual opening, which offers direct lighting. On the other hand, the rear face has 4 machined corners, thin, that offer ambient lighting. Aesthetically highlighted the contrast of finishes, colors, styles. Made of 2mm sheet metal, with raw, industrial finish, and with matte white exterior thermo lacquer, sophisticated and elegant.


  • Materials
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  • Iron
  • White
  • Height: 180 cm,
    Wide: 24.5 cm,
    Large: 24.5 cm,
    Weight: 15 kg
  • Style:
Floor lamp
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