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Antonio Pérez Muñoz
Las Palas, Spain

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Hidric Natural
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Hidric is a self-irrigation pot made by hand from baked clay. Gerard, its designer, started from the exercise of paying homage to the oil company Marquina, emblem of Spanish design. The purpose was to make an anti-drip pot, in order to achieve good water management as the oil maker makes the oil. Thus, the plant would be self-sufficient, regulated according to the needs of its environment. It only needs water on the plate and it is the same pottery that conducts the pot to the roots, they are never in direct contact and therefore do not rot. This exercise was based on the observation of the native plants and ceramic utensils of the Mediterranean culture. With Hidric you want to make life easier for the end user, since the capillary irrigation system allows the user not to be so attentive to watering, he only has to provide water to the plate, for example, by reusing the leftovers of a glass of water or the cleaning of vegetables. In addition, the high plate design prevents mosquito larvae from being created. Thus, Gerard Arqué achieves with Hidric the solution he is always looking for in his designs. In this case, it also does so in multiple ways: aesthetics, due to its careful design; environmental, due to its optimum water management and functional, since it makes life easier for the user by promoting self-irrigation. It also allows you to choose the version that best suits the style of your home, or to create a fun and multicolored collection of pots. Hidric is available in 4 different colours.


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  • Ceramic
  • White
  • Height: 22 cm,
    Wide: 21.4 cm,
    Large: 21.4 cm,
    Weight: 3 kg
  • Style: