Would you like your accommodation to be unique?

In Faberin you will find a large selection of designs and professionals ready to make your accommodation unique. Differentiate your accommodation from the rest and be a Superhost featured on Airbnb.

Would you like to have a unique and distinguished accommodation on Airbnb?

Access unique author designs and make your users' stay a unique experience. Choose from the original designs of our community the one that best suits the style of your accommodation or help us create a personalized project for you.

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designed by

Javier Mañas

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Design products: The key to the success of Airbnb Superhost

The keys to successful accommodations at Airbnb are originality, functionality and aesthetics. These characteristics perfectly define the designs of our community, join Faberin and get unique pieces, that turn your accommodation into a magical place.

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designed by

Javier Mañas

Enjoy the advantages of decorating your accommodation with original designs

Gain visibility, increase your income and meet new industry professionals who share your concerns

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Unique design

Turn your accommodation into a magical place with unique story designs


by Javier Mañas

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