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Verified user in Faberin: Discover the advantages

What is a verified user on Faberin?

Faberin is a company whose fundamental pillars are the openness, the confidence and the generosity. That is why all our actions are aimed at strengthening them.

The online world and all its advantages allow us to eliminate the physical barriers that prevent us from meeting and collaborating with professionals from all over the world. To enhance these advantages is the main objective of Faberin. But on this path, we want each of the professionals who share their work with us and show it to the world, to be fully protected.

For this, it is essential that the transparency is total in each of the profiles that are created in Faberin. In order to protect our community, we want to make sure that all our users feel comfortable, free and safe. That our users respond to the identity reflected in each of their profiles.

For this reason, we ask registered users as product designers or local manufacturers to credit their status in order to verify their account and be able to operate within Faberin without limitations.

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How can I check my profile?

If you are a designer and you want to check your profile, it'll only take a few minutes. To check your experience and verify that you are part of the design community, we would like to check that you have a profile registered in one of the most popular platforms by designers. Some of these platforms are: Behance, Coroflot or, failing that, Linkedin. This will allow us to learn more about you and your designs. As well as, your experience in the world of design.

If you are a maker we would love to hear about the work you're most proud of, what your workspace is, whether it's shared or your own, what your journey has been like here... In addition, it will be enriching for us to know your website or blog if you have it, or a Facebook profile/page where you show your projects, your workshop, where we can know your work tools...

Whether you are a designer or a manufacturer, attaching the URLs of those platforms that most define you will make your verification process easier and allow you to be closer to enjoying the advantages of being part of this great design community.

Join the worldwide network of design lovers. Faberin is the step you need to take.

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