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Are you designer and would you like to convert your designs into products for sale, free of charge, simple and safe? You are in the right place.

Faberin is the showcase you are looking for for your designs, but in addition, it will allow you to access a global network of fabricants locals, willing to manufacture your design in a handmade way and distribute it around the world.

What do you have to do? Register in Faberin as product designer and upload your design to the platform, from that moment we take care of the rest.

How to market your design in Faberin?

To be a designer in Faberin is very simple, you only have to register, choose the role 'Designer' and in a couple of clicks you will be part of this great community around design. But... what about uploading a design?

How to upload a design on Faberin?

Submit a design to Faberin is very simple:
Start Faberin session and access your personal profile. In it you will find the tab 'Your designs' where you can add new designs or modify existing ones that are in draft phase.

To successfully upload your design you will have to complete all the fields that appear in the form, referring to materials, colors, manufacturing tools...

Don't forget to attach the necessary documents for its manufacture: planimetry, sketches... that will help the manufacturer to be totally faithful to your design.

When you consider that everything is ready change the status from 'Draft' to 'Request publication. At that point, we will receive a notification that your project is pending review.

What happens after I upload a design?

Afterwards, we review the documents: Once you send us the information described above, we will review the photos and other documentation and contact you to let you know the status of your registration.

And eventually we confirm you if everything is correct and you want to market your design in Faberin. You will be able to complete your registration with the rest of your earnings information.

Turn your design into a product for sale globally

As you've already seen, registering at Faberin is the first step in turning your design into a product for sale worldwide. Besides, it's totally free. Take the step: show your talent to the world.

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