Prototype Designs: Secure Betting

If in addition to planimetry, renders and technical documentation concerning your design you have a prototype... You have the advantage!

To have prototype is not necessary to upload your design to Faberin, but undoubtedly if you have it you will start from an advantageous position, when finding a manufacturer who wants to distribute it, because:

  • You will know perfectly the whole manufacturing process of your product. This will have allowed you to make the necessary modifications to your plans and technical documentation and will have provided you with experience, which you will be able to pass on to the manufacturers who wish to market your design

  • You will be able to evaluate between different alternatives of finishes and customization. This will allow you to add value to your design, since you will be able to adapt to different segments and personalize it according to their needs

  • In addition, having the prototype will have allowed you to create visual content, such as images and videos, that show the product in its real context. You will be able to upload quality content, which will differentiate you from other designers and which will be of great value in attracting the attention of our community, both potential consumers and the network of local Faberin manufacturers

Nice photographs and a promotional video, will make your design the protagonist of the catalogue, attracting all eyes.

In short, prototyping your design makes it more visible among manufacturers and favours and speeds up its commercialisation. These prototyped designs have already been previously tested and their manufacture has been improved in this process. Thus, it is easier for them to calculate their selling price without uncertainties.

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