Take advantage of the competitive advantage that customization will give you

Have you thought about making your design customizable before? Discover the advantages it will give you in marketing enable the option of customization in your design!

Currently, we are dealing with a market, in which the 3.0 consumer seeks to be pampered. The demand, exclusivity and the need to feel unique characterizes this consumer who, faced with a wide range, is not satisfied. Today, consumers do not buy products, they buy experiences.
In the purchase process he lets out his more emotional side, so he seeks to personalize the products and feel part of that piece he is about to acquire

What does customization offer you as a designer?

Did you know that customizable designs sell more? Converting your design into a customizable design will turn it into a product with great added value, which will undoubtedly play to your advantage. These are some of the reasons:
Customization allows you to bring the design to life and involve the consumer in its history. If the consumer can participate in this customization process, he will value the piece more and therefore be willing to pay more for it.

The consumer 3.0 does not feel attracted by the mass-produced products, he looks for original pieces that differ from the rest and that speak about him. The personalization grants an inimitable exclusivity to the piece.

It has been shown that consumers show greater loyalty to personalized products, value them more and therefore, will become unconscious prescribers of the product.

Aspects to take into account to make your design customizable

For the manufacturer:

As the author of the design, only you can decide where customization fits. What place is ideal for customization to be founded with the lines of your design in harmony.
Therefore, it is necessary that you show the manufacturer what place it will occupy and what measures the customizable zone will have.
Accompany your technical documentation with a map showing it. Here is an example of the design 'Trails' by designer Juanny Barcelò:

Detail plan with example of personalization with name

For the consumer:

An essential aspect in online marketing is the tangibilization of the product. The consumer needs to imagine what the personalization will look like before making the purchase decision. For this reason, it is important that you help them to do it by means of photographs.
Add to your merry-go-round of product photographs (or renders if applicable), an image that helps the consumer imagine what their custom design would look like.
Here are some examples of Juanny Barceló's 'Trails' and 'Loading' designs:

Example of customizing Trails with Name
Example of personalization with company name and logo

Give value to your design, make it customizable!

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