What design for Faberin?

Often, designers who join Faberin ask us: What can I design for Faberin? We can tell you that the answer is neither unique nor concrete.
We believe in the designer as the interpreter of the needs, therefore, we believe in you and in your ability and authority to decide about your creation, without limitations.

With time, we will be able to guide you about what works best in your market or area, what styles and pieces are making design lovers fall in love at that moment, but for the moment we can give you 3 tips, to make your design viral and can more easily find a manufacturer in Faberin:

Worry about the scalability of your design

Every day, we work to break down the barrier that prevents a design from becoming a product. We see how designs of great potential are kept in a drawer for years, because their designer has not been able to find the means to manufacture it.

It is essential that your design is conceived thinking about which are the ideal measures and the correct materials and also, it is accompanied by the technical specifications that will turn your sketch into a real product.

It is important that you avoid the use of moulds and tools, they will involve a large investment for the manufacturer, keep in mind that the manufacture will be on demand.

If you want to prevent your idea from staying on paper, develop your ideas to the maximum and create scalable designs for a manufacturer on the other side of the globe.

Tell us the story of your design

We all love good stories, a functional and aesthetic design with a good story crosses the emotional barrier to become something special, both for consumers and manufacturers.

A design with history will be more attractive and will have more possibilities in your marketing process.

Plasma, in the description, the thoughts and feelings that have accompanied you in the process of creation and adds value to your piece.

For example, the designer Javier Mañas fell in love with the story of his original lamp 'Lonelamp', Do you know it?


designed by

Javier Mañas

Works on the visual material that will accompany it

A picture is worth a thousand words, isn't it? Most of the users who buy online do so guided by the quality of the photographs shown of the product.

It is essential that your design is shown in quality photographs, where all its features and details are appreciated. If you also have a video, you will enjoy an advantageous position.

Don't wait any longer! Upload your designs to Faberin and turn them into products in a simple, fast and safe way. Register and join this great platform around design.

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