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Intellectual property and your projects in Faberin
By Faberin

At Faberin we respect and care for the intellectual property rights of the products that appear on our website. We make sure that they belong exclusively to the designers, as authors of the designs.

For this reason, all members of our community (designers, manufacturers and end users) at the time of joining Faberin accept the commitment to respect the intellectual property rights derived from the works exclusively created and contributed to be offered on our website.

Product designers recognize and guarantee that their designs are original and will respond to possible actions that, through counterfeiting or plagiarism, can be brought against their designs. In the same way that, considering that the products are going to be offered and marketed through the platform, and that they are going to be developed by a manufacturer or maker, we must have their authorization.

In order to be able to offer designers a proof of first creation and dissemination of their designs, which they can use to act and defend themselves in court against copies based on the figure of the Unregistered Community Design, Faberin will issue a document that they will receive at the time of uploading their design on the platform, which will protect them from copy cases for a period of 3 years from the date of first disclosure; permitting the owner of the design to act or defend himself/herself judicially against copying on the basis of that right, without prejudice to copyright protection.

In relation to manufacturers or makers, in order to ensure the protection and enforcement of IP rights of designers, they will have to accept a number of commitments regarding their exclusive and concrete actions relating to the manufacture of platform designs, confidentiality of technical design information, and express respect for and recognition of the designer's IP rights.

As for other users, they must accept the commitment of non-infringement and compliance with the intellectual property rights of designers in relation to design. object of the order placed and therefore the object of purchase.

If after this article, there is still some question that you do not know and would like to know, do not hesitate to ask us, we will be happy to solve any question.

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