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Three steps to become a Manufacturer in Faberin

  1. Register for free. Access an infinity of designs totally free.

  2. Presupuesta tus productos. Calculate the budget and delivery time of as many designs as you are able to manufacture.

  3. Get your first income. In Faberin you will double your income, because you sell original designs directly to clients, without intermediaries.

10 advantages of being a Manufacturer in Faberin

1. It's free

Registration on our platform is free and very simple. Using all Faberin features is free for Manufacturers. Faberin's mission is that products are sold, so only if Faberin is sold will it get 15% of the Manufacturer's budget plus the designer's royalties. This percentage affects the income of Manufacturers and Designers.

2. You will be able to turn your workshop into an online Catalogue of designs, at no cost

In just 3 clicks you will be able to start making your catalogue of original designs at no cost. Avoid the investment involved in designing and producing your own website and take advantage of this by creating your own Faberin catalogue. In addition, we will also take care of the promotion. You will only have to worry about manufacturing on demand and send the orders. Budget and get ready to start generating income!

3. You decide what you charge for your work

The valuation of your work and the materials you use is done by you. Each Manufacturer sets how much they want to earn for their work. In Faberin we believe in the ability of people to decide, we trust that these will be taken freely and with the information and the situation that each of the users of the platform has in each of the moments. This is why we give freedom to each one of you to make the decisions you consider most appropriate.

4. Access to original pieces, only available in Faberin

You will be able to access a catalogue of original designs by professional designers from all over the world and manufacture all those products that you consider appropriate and that best suit you and your tools. In addition, designers are committed to making their design unique to our community. So your products will be original, they can't be found anywhere else.

5. You will be able to choose in which markets you want to market your products

You choose where you want to go, you set the limits. You can distribute your work around the world, internationalize your work or market it only in the regions where you find it easiest and most comfortable, you choose.

6. You will be able to access a new network of clients

With Faberin you will access a world showcase, where you can show your work. You will be able to eliminate borders if you wish and access those markets that you have always wanted to reach. In addition, you will be able to access new segments, expanding your client portfolio, increasing your sales possibilities!

7. You'll find other makers like you to learn from and enrich yourself

Faberin is much more than a showcase for your products. You'll be able to keep abreast of all the trends and novelties in your speciality: new manufacturing techniques, new materials, etc. In addition, you'll meet other makers and manufacturers like you to learn from. You can find some experiences of makers who are already part of our community in our magazine, encourage you to read them!

8. I collect insurance on the sales you make

In addition, you'll forget the risk of loss because you'll make to order. In Faberin, we assure you the collection of the sales you make, transparency is our essential principle and we try to create a climate of trust in our community that is reflected in our actions. Every month, you will receive the income from all your units sold.

9. You will make much more than a product

You will know the story behind the product designs in our catalogue and you will be able to be part of it and help tell it. The story behind each design makes them even more original, this will increase the added value of the product you manufacture

10. It's a bet you can only win

There is no risk of loss, since you will only manufacture under confirmed orders; you will set the manufacturing budget yourself, being able to assess and weigh the costs of raw materials and working hours; you will convert, in a couple of clicks, your workshop into an online shop, accessing a new public of customers.

Through the Faberin meeting between designers and manufacturers we create a fair, friendly and comfortable environment that will only bring you benefits.

If you want to know more about Faberin don't hesitate to take a look at our pages on Manufacturers and our Frequently Asked Questions. If you want to sell your products online for free, increase your customer base and manufacture original designs... We wait for you!

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