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Guide for your first shipments in Faberin

Having trouble calculating the cost of your first shipments? Calculating the cost of your first shipments, packaging products and shipping are tasks that generate uncertainty in the first shipments as a Faberin manufacturer

Discover here some tips to calculate your shipping costs, prepare your orders safely and turn your customers into fans

The first deliveries of orders usually involve many questions that can generate uncertainties, such as the calculation of the cost of shipping, how much I should charge, how I make sure the product arrives safely, how I can get the customer to be satisfied, if he will like the packaging I use, if I have to communicate with him, when I do and how often.

This is a process that improves with practice and with the experiences passed on to us by other Fabers who have already successfully delivered to their customers.

1. Calculate your shipping costs

To calculate the shipping costs of your products, whether they are national or international shipments, the first thing you should know is the dimensions of the object you are going to send as well as its weight.

Both for measurements and weight, you can start from the information provided by the designer and simulate how it would look packaged.

Once you have the measurements and the weight of the product, with the packaging included, in the product quotation form you will find a useful calculator. Just enter the data of dimensions and weight and you will have an approximate estimate of the cost of shipping in the area you choose. This calculator collects the data of the transport company Correos.

When it comes to international shipping, it is important that you evaluate your options. Please note that buyers only see in Faberin those items that are shipped to their country. To ensure that your products appear in other countries, define the rates for each country to which you feel comfortable shipping.

2. Keep your customer informed

The first thing you have to do is to establish clear expectations about how long it will take to manufacture and ship an order, you define this in the times of manufacture and in the time of shipment of your product, both fields you will find in the product quote form. For example, if you take three days to manufacture a product, and the carrier takes between three and five days to deliver it, you will have to inform your customers that it can take up to eight working days to receive their purchases.

These communications will be made by the moment through Faberin, when you receive the order, contact us and let us know when you will make the delivery.

Don't forget to specify in the return policies if you accept exchanges and returns. If you do, explain who has to pay the shipping costs and the acceptable return fringes.

. When a sale takes place, the customer receives an email confirming his order and the delivery date that you have previously configured.

If you think that you are not going to be able to deliver on time, please let us know as soon as possible to inform the customer.

When you send the order, notify us of the departure, as we will inform the customer that their order is on its way.

3. Pack your order

When your product is sold, it's time to ship it safely. In addition to using packaging materials such as bubble wrap, you can add other accessories that will give the package a more complete and professional look. Many sellers like to include a delivery note and a quick thank you note to the buyer. (If you have business cards or other branded materials that include your workshop name, you can also include them.)

While you may be familiar with the overall packaging process, it is important that you take special care when shipping more delicate items. Writing 'Fragile' or 'Do not fold' is useless if a 20kg box falls on top of it. And you can be sure it will happen. Instead, he suggests putting fragile items in two boxes to leave some "impact space" between them, and stuffing packing peanuts mixed with newspaper.

In addition, it is advisable to leave at least 5 cm of padding on all sides of fragile items once they are in the container.

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