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Tips on photography: Make your designs succeed.

Before we start with some suggestions about the choice of product photographs at Faberin, we would like to give you some information: most consumers make their purchase decision, in the online environment, according to the quality of the photographs that show the product. It is not surprising, since when buying online, the image of the product is the closest point to physical reality. That is why it is essential to choose carefully how to represent our product.

Here are some suggestions to help you successfully choose the images you want to upload to Faberin. Also, keep in mind that it will be essential to include information about your design to make it easier for the makers to manufacture it. Here we go!

How do I choose the photo carousel of my design?

The images chosen will be the showcase of your designs, so it is very important that they are of the highest quality possible and that they correctly transmit the funcionality of the product and the the added value that makes it different from the rest. Here are some ideas about the type of photography we recommend you include

Product photos in different views

A greater number of product perspectives will add more value to the consumer's shopping experience. If you use a white or neutral background for your photos, you will give your product more prominence and the details will be clearer. In addition, it is essential to add this photo with a soft background for the whole grid of the product catalogue.

Clippingmagic is a free tool that allows you to remove the background image and optimize your photos.

Photo in context of use or setting

It will be vital to use a photograph where the product is seen in its context of use. This will help the consumer to imagine what it would be like to have and use this product. This may inspire the user and motivate their purchase. For example, the presence of people in your images can help to empathize with their use. Choose a good background for your photo. Be careful: Try not to underestimate the importance of the product.

Scaled photo of the product

If in any of the images there is any object of known dimensions (a hand, a person, an object...) the consumer will be able to get an idea of the size of the product, will help him to have a reference. This factor is fundamental when making the purchase decision. Tip: Include at least one scalable photo in your carousel.

Photo to product specific details

It will be of great help to have enlarged photographs of those details that make your product special. Photograph those details that you want to highlight (hardware, opening systems, materials...)

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