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How do you price a product in Faberin?

The total price of a product in Faberin depends on several factors. Customers pay the full amount when they make their purchase

Costs established by the designer, also called royalties. It is the cost determined by the designer for each of the product sales manufactured with his design.

Costs established by the Faber (craftsman, maker or local manufacturer):
Manufacturing cost: Faber (artisan, maker or local manufacturer) will set this amount. Transport costs: Will be established by the Faber (craftsman, maker or local manufacturer), will be the one who contracts the transport and establishes the cost according to the destination.

Costs established by Faberin:
Faberin's service fee will be 15% on the cost of the designer and the manufacturer, excluding transport.
The specific percentage of fees or taxes will also be charged, depending on the case.

Cost of Manufacture + Cost Designer (Royalties or Royalties) = Costs Product

Costs Product + Transport = Final Price

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