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Royalties and payments: your earnings at Faberin

As you know, one of Faberin's main objectives is the elimination of all existing barriers, to facilitate the creation and sale of quality products. Unlike other types of collaborations or business forms, we offer an updated option adapted to the market, in which the beneficiary user, the designer, does not have to incur any costs. We provide guidance on the design process and manage the entire manufacturing and distribution process with our network of professional manufacturers.

We guarantee to collect your royalties after the sale

Once, sold the piece that reproduces your design.... You can now count on your royalties! Faberin undertakes to provide you with the amount fixed for the part and to pay you for it within 15 days of delivery of the product by the manufacturer.

With Faberin, designers not only find the means to make their ideas a reality, but they do so fully protected, with zero cost and minimal risk. When you upload a design to Faberin, you expect to make a profit on it, thus rewarding all the effort and time invested in creation. At Faberin, we are aware of this and therefore, we give you the power to set your profits.

In Faberin, you decide how much you earn: Set your royalties.

At Faberin, each designer sets the amount of royalties he wants to earn for each piece sold, based on his original design*. This quantity can be either a percentage of the final selling price of the piece or a fixed quantity per piece sold.

The designer shall be entitled to receive royalty or royalty rights for as long as Faberin uses his design. Faberin will be responsible for collecting all revenues arising from the sale of the final products. The designer shall be entitled to receive a royalty payment ("Royalty Right") equal to the amount previously agreed with him in his contract. The designer will be solely responsible for all state income taxes, unemployment insurance and social security, as well as maintaining adequate worker's compensation insurance coverage for himself.

When do I collect my royalties?

At faberin, we will ensure that your royalties are collected after the sale is completed. But... When do you get your winnings? Once the product has been delivered by the maker or manufacturer who has made your design a reality, and after 15 calendar days, Faberín will proceed to pay your royalties. It is your responsibility to invoice the amount of your royalties in the name of the manufacturer who has carried out the manufacture and marketing of your design. Regarding currency conversion: All charges on your Faberin bill are in Euros. The price of the item will be converted to US dollars for the purpose of calculating the transaction fee only.

The royalty collection policy is part of our terms of use. By uploading a design to Faberin you accept such conditions of use.

If you have any questions regarding our royalty collection policy, do not hesitate to contact us at contact us, we will be happy to resolve any issues.

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