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3 easy steps to buy at Faberin. com
By Faberin

The purchase process at Faberin is very simple. And you are three steps away from... receiving your Faberin product at home!

First, it is important that you consider one aspect in relation to your location. We inform you that the place you indicate at the time of purchase is the place where we understand you want the maker to send the product. That is why we recommend you to make sure that at the top of our website is correctly indicating your location.

Now we'll show you in a simple way the 3 steps to complete a secure purchase at Faberin. com:

  1. Access the product page of the article you wish to buy by clicking on it. On this page you will see all the information about it (materials, dimensions, colors...) as well as its history, that of its designer and the manufacturer who will produce it for you.
  2. Once the product characteristics have been checked, and if you are sure of your choice, the next step is to press the button add to cartOnce added, you can continue shopping or go to your cart to check the selected items. On this page, you can modify the quantity of items you want and also view the total cost of your purchase.
  3. In relation to shipping costs, they are included in the final cost of your purchase (you can check it on the screen of your cart).

    Remember, you can modify the contents of your cart at any time.

  4. Once you have everything checked and are sure of your purchase comes the time to validate your order, there is less left to enjoy your product Faberin!

The next step is to click on proceed to payment from your cart. The next thing you'll see is a page where you can enter your shipping and payment details:

First you will find the page of shipping data , where you must indicate the address to which you want the manufacturer to send your order. After reviewing the data and pressing the button continue you will reach a page where you can enter the payment details.

We are almost there...

If the payment has been made successfully, a confirmation page will appear with your order number . This number will allow you to track your order. In addition to this page, you will receive a confirmation email of your purchase.

So far the purchase process. It's been simple, hasn't it?

Even so, if you have any doubts or something has not been made clear enough do not hesitate in contact us , we are at your disposal.

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