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Faberin Warranty: 100% Original Design

Purchasing a piece from the Faberin catalogue means purchasing a 100% original design created exclusively for you. The assignment of exclusivity and authenticity by designers means that we have a catalogue that can only be purchased here.


designed by

Javier Mañas

All the pieces that make up the catalogue are based on values of innovation, sustainability and functionality, and seek to generate a positive social and environmental impact.
/br> The production of our products is carried out on demand, through local manufacturers and by means of different advanced techniques that not only allow us to achieve unique handcrafted pieces but also make an adequate and conscientious use of resources. Faberin's sustainable and customizable products are suitable for a circular economy that minimizes waste production, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.

In each one of our product files you will be able to consult additional information referring to:

  • PRODUCT DESIGNER: You will be able to know everything about the designer who created the piece.

  • MANUFACTURERS AVAILABLE FOR MANUFACTURE: You will find products that have more than one manufacturer available, you will be able to choose the one that best suits your needs and know everything about him and his workshop.

  • CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS: In some pieces you will find the option to personalize the product, thus being able to create a completely unique piece.

  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: In each card, you will find a table where we will detail the measures and dimensions of the product, as well as, the style, the materials of which it is composed and the colors that characterize the design.

  • DESCRIPTION OF THE DESIGN: In the description of the design you will be able to know first hand the history that gives life to the piece, this description will bring you closer to it.

  • TECHNIQUE UTILIZED: under the name of the product you will be able to know the manufacturing technique that has been used to elaborate the product.

  • PRODUCTO ECO-FRIENDLY: Next to the name of the product that has been designed and produced respecting the environment, you will find an eco-friendly label. Our commitment and responsibility to the world is real, which is why we want you to participate at all times in the positive environmental impact of each product.

Buyer protection guaranteed

All Faberin products have a 30-day guarantee, in which you can try the product and if you are not satisfied with the result or it does not meet your expectations you can return it at no cost.

This warranty is supported by respect for the quality of materials and manufacturing processes characteristic of our community of manufacturers.

Why buy Original Design at Faberin?

The pieces you can find in Faberin are 100% unique. They are carefully devised by designers from all over the world and manufactured by local makers. Buying a product from Faberin means more than making an act of purchase. Each purchase endorses and supports a sustainable slow-production system whose premise implies both respect and care for the environment as well as the dignification of all the professionals involved.

Our manufacturers have extensive experience in the manufacturing field in which they operate, have a perfect command of the techniques and know the materials with which they work, thus obtaining impeccable finishes. All of them are committed to and respect the intellectual property of each designer.

Product designers and makers are the essential protagonists in putting a product on sale. Together they build a global community of professionals who support and believe in innovation, sustainability, functionality and design.

Acquiring an original product and manufactured to order, complying with labour and environmental regulations contributes to building a friendlier and more sustainable world.


designed by

Javier Mañas

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