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··· Patented accessory-complement for oils that, by itself enables, among other things, to enhance the attractive and unique exhibition of their containers, as well as optimize their comfortable and easy tasting. It gets both main objectives thanks to its dual mode of use: ‘EXHIBITION MODE’, whereby vertically mounted it offers shelter to the container to which it present in an aesthetic, clean and safe way, and 'TASTING MODE’, extracting its base to pour the oil into, and resting its rear equipped with separators in order to accommodate the slices of bread which are wished to accompany it. ········· Characterized mainly by providing, among others, the following advantages: ········· 01_‘EXHIBITION MODE’: perfect enhancer and differentiator dress for content oil versus others. ··· 02_‘TASTING MODE’: efficient service of oil and bread without need for additional containers. ··· 03_ DESIGN: maximum elegance and durability in premium quality. Minimum elements for immediate use, compactness, manageability and functionality. ··· 04_MATERIAL: AISI 304 stainless steel for food use with mirror polished finish, odorless, tasteless, safe and hygienic, that offers faithful and healthy tasting optimizing texture, color, smell and taste of oil, and allows easy manual cleaning and use of dishwasher. ··· 05_STORAGE: allows striking, stable and tidy storage of containers. ··· 06_PACKAGING: facilitates protection and transport of the oil in an original, safe and comfortable way, assuming in itself a striking differentiating packaging. ··· 07_ADAPTABILITY: suitable for any container side/diameter < 82.5 mm. ··· 08_PERSONALIZATION: its geometry and smooth and clean finishes allow a double food marking by laser engraving, customizable and active by direct, tactile, visual, olfactory and gustatory manipulation. ··· 09_MULTIFUNCTIÓN: offers possible additional uses such as bottle rack and bread basket. ··· 10_MULTISCOPE: ideal for homes, as well as for establishments, business, brands and events. ···


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  • Stainless Steel
  • Silver
  • Height: 187.5 cm,
    Wide: 82.5 cm,
    Large: 82.5 cm,
    Weight: 0.5 kg
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