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The MakerSpace Faberin: the place to increase your revenue as a manufacturer

This MakerSpace is a space aimed at providing the maker community the tools that produce new sources of revenue , with more added value. It is a meeting point where you can sell products manufactured by you, the place where you can access exclusive designs and find a community that, like you, wants to be a protagonist selling their creations online.

Who can you find in MakerSpace?

Faberin's MakerSpace is a space destined for local manufacturers, micro-companies ,craftsmen of any guild, makers or small workshops , capable of manufacturing any of the designs found in Faberin.

The 12 advantages of manufacturing and selling design products on the Faberin Make Space

  1. Discover exclusive international designs, which you will be able to manufacture and sell online.
  2. Find designs for quality 3d printers of products that are sold.
  3. Get designs for artisans, with a modern and current design, which will make those products a bestseller.
  4. Establish your prices, delivery terms and other conditions.
  5. Reach consumers directly, eliminating intermediaries.
  6. Develop a catalogue of products for sale that are your brand image.
  7. Make your skills and your workshop known to decoration and interior design professionals.
  8. Build your online store of exclusive products in just three clicks and for free.
  9. Define your markets so you can decide where you want to sell.
  10. Find other makers with similar interests or skills to complement yours.
  11. Capture new ideas to carry out your projects.
  12. Create projects together with other makers from other disciplines.

How to make exclusive designs on Faberin's MakerSpace

This space seeks to create value, providing exclusive designs and tools to directly reach the consumer with exclusive designs, manufactured in a unique way.
If you have a workshop with digital tools, such as 3d printers, CNC or laser cutting , you will find the files to manufacture and sell the exclusive designs that the community of Faberin designers has shared.
If you have a workshop, and want to digitize it, reach consumers directly through the Internet, make online sales without adding costs to your business, this is your place.

This area offers you the digital tools that will make you a furniture shop of exclusive designs with an international character.

Choose the designs that best suit you and your workshop, select those that your tools and your skills allow you to manufacture. Within this selection, you will be able to sell as many as you wish, there is no limit to the products to be sold.
Once the design has been selected, you will have access to the technical documentation necessary for its manufacture. Plans with measurements, finishes, digital files for 3D printing, digital files for CNC, laser cutting, etc.
In some cases you will find photos of the finished products, including the prototyping process if the designer has completed it.

To access the tools that Faberin offers free of charge and that will allow you to take your workshop to a higher level, all you have to do is register and register your workshop. We are a community, tell us about yourself, your skills, what resources you have, machinery, facilities, etc...
This way, designers will be able to create with your workshop in mind, interior designers, decorators and design lovers will be able to know your skills and what you are capable of doing. Show off your maker talent.
Once you are registered, we will contact you to verify your profile.
With your profile verified, you will be able to access all the tools that will turn your workshop into an online shop of furniture of exclusive design.
If you want to sell online products manufactured by you, this is your place.

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