Designed by

Yukiko Izumi
Vejle , Denmark View profile


This piece is inspired by all those people who have a busy life and come into their lives to make it easier for them. Made up of three components, this mirror/window will allow you to hang your clothes next to the mirror in the first frame, which will allow you to easily put your clothes together. In addition, the wooden frame simulates the frame of a painting, so by hanging your favorite canvas you will get your personal work of art. Secondly, its high-quality leather hinges allow this screen to be folded to make the most of the space available. These hinges have a unique shape, inspired by the Japanese paper partition hinges, capable of opening 360°. The panels can be added or removed by adjusting these hinges. Finally, its design. Its simple, but impeccable aesthetics, adapts to all kinds of occasions and environments. With "Sen" you take home a partner who helps you get dressed, a wall that gives you all the privacy you need and a unique and elegant piece of furniture.


  • Materials
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  • Wood
  • Wood
  • Height: 180 cm,
    Wide: 50 cm,
    Large: 50 cm,
    Weight: 16 kg
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