I recently moved to a small house near the beach that never had a mail box and since we are in a digital era I though it was not urgent to get one. Every day that I had a leter from the spanish administration or a delivery the mail man was always complaining. one day he said: or you buy a mail box or I stop delivering. and in a attempt to make things soft he added: in the store you can find one really cheap made of plastic!! that was the trigger, next week he came, I was behind the window and saw him making a picture. I get out and he says: Uau!! this is the most beautiful mail box of all the city. After that I continue to see people come in front of the house and making pictures of it ;)


  • Materials
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  • Composite Wood , Composite Wood
  • White
  • Height: 31 cm,
    Wide: 45 cm,
    Large: 9 cm,
    Weight: 1 kg
  • Style:
mail box
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