Argo Table helps you make the most of your outdoor space, be it garden, terrace, patio or balcony. With Argo it becomes a design space to share! Its shape makes it more usable and cozy. Argo can be assembled and disassembled easily thanks to the table top dove tail joined slats and the beech wood structure. Argo loves the environment: locally sourced timber, natural finish and thanks to the interlocking system it can be packed flat. Argo is a beautiful and smart outdoor furniture piece. With Argo Stool is easy to enjoy the warm weather outside, in your garden or balcony! And when the summer ends? Thanks to the unique style you can decide to use it indoor, leave it to wait for you outside or disassemble and store it! The beech wood structure has dove-tail joints that easily lock the top slats.


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  • Wood
  • Wood
  • Height: 75 cm,
    Wide: 80 cm,
    Large: 153.5 cm,
    Weight: kg
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Original design by
Li Vecchi