Connect your store to a growing international design community

Faberin's mission is to bring the original and exclusive design to any corner. We want to bring the talent of international designers and experienced local manufacturers closer to design lovers, will you help us?

Access a catalogue of unique pieces and turn your shop into an international and updated design space

At Faberin every product is the result of the creativity of designers of products from all over the world, manufactured by professional craftsmen, who take care of every detail.


designed by

Javier Mañas

A worldwide network of design lovers growing day by day

Being a Faberin partner is all about advantages

You will take your shop to another level and also have access to special conditions exclusive to Faberin employees:

  • You will get a commission for each of the sales made
  • You will access a catalogue of unique pieces designed exclusively for Faberin, with special discounts
  • You can count on our exclusive advice, based on market research

Hoja de Palera

designed by

Antonio Pérez

Take your business to another level and double your income!

Revenue from each sale

Exclusive discounts for your stock

Exclusive advice

Visibility for your space

Get revenue for each sale and special discounts on your purchases

8% commission for each purchase your customers make on the Faberin website.

20% commission for each sale of Faberin products from your stock.

Up to 30% discount on all Faberin products you purchase for your stock.


designed by

Juanny Barcelò

How can I be a Faberin affiliate?

To start enjoying the exclusive commercial conditions at Faberin you only have to register as a customer: It's totally FREE

Once registered, you will be able to start enjoying all the advantages of being a Faberin affiliate

Download Faberin Affiliate Dossier

Download our Affiliate Program to learn more about Faberin and the conditions of affiliation.

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